Profit Wizard Pro Review- Scam!

Profit Wizard Pro is a new autotrader which
promises to make their users at least 1000$
a day. The creator of Profit Wizard Pro is an
entity called as Mark Hughes. He claims that
he had predicted the economic trend shifts
8 years ago and was humiliated on CNN for
saying that Facebook will become a billion
dollar company. There is no evidence to
support his claims and we were unable
to find any proof of his previous life too
which makes us believe that he is a paid
actor who knows nothing about trading.

Profit Wizard Pro
Scam Warning-

Here are some more facts that will reveal
that this software is nothing but a scam.


Mark Hughes, the creator of this autotrader
claims that he was featured on CNN, Forbes,
TechCrunch and BusinessInsider but there is no
information about him in any of the above
sources. This is just a gimmick to gain trust
of the investors and convince them to make
the deposit.

This software claims to have 100% win rate,
this is not true as no software can generate
signals with 100% accuracy. There is no records
to support their outrageous claim regarding
the success rate of the software.

Profit WizardPro states that it has paid out
over 191 million dollars to 25,000 members.
In the promotional video the investors are
urged to act swiftly by signing up with them
as the spots are limited. This is a well known
tactic to get faster response by creating urgency
with a fake spots left widget.

This software guarantees that the investors
will earn at least 1000$ per day. The initial deposit
of 250$ with their synced broker is required to
access the software. It is needless to say that the
income claims are ridiculous and the money you
deposit into the brokerage account will be lost
as they are unregulated.

Profit Wizard Pro has put up many fake testimonials
on their website. Here is the proof-

Throughout the promotional video the software
never explains the way this autotrader works or
any of its parameters. It targets newbie traders
with a get rich quick scheme and tricks them into
investing with their software.



Profit Wizard Pro is a scam software which targets
newbie traders or investors by promising them a
profit of at least 1,000$ a day. Their website is full
of false claims and fake testimonials. They deal
with unregulated brokers. We recommend
everyone to stay away from this scam.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/08
Author Rating: 1/5

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