Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review- Get rich quick scam?

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a signal service which
might seem legit to the untrained eye. Read this
review to find out how this scam lure in investors
and steals their money.

Everyone regrets not buying Bitcoin when it
was cheap. This is the reason why nowadays
a lot of scams are perpetuated around bitcoin

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro states that bitcoin had
hit 11,665$ overnight. It is needless to say that
this is not true. Even though bitcoin had gone over
19,000$ it didn’t do it overnight.
Bitcoin Millionaire Pro claims that it’s creator
is also a part of the International Council for
Bitcoin. A simple Google search will reveal that
such an organisation is non-existent.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro
Scam Warning-

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro states in their sales pitch
video that a 5$ investment 4 weeks ago in the
cryptocurrency market could have made you
13,311$ today. Claims like these without any
evidence and transparency are the traits of scam.
The software also claims that a single trade executed
returned a profit of 1.1 million dollars.
Bitcoin Millionaire Pro features the talks of
many well known personalities like Bill Gates,
Mark Cuban and Richard Branson however, it should
be noted that they have no connection with this
software and this is done only to gain the trust of
the investors.

Throughout the promotional video the software never
reveals about how the signals are generated or about
any other tweakable trading parameters. There is no
way to measure the previous performance of the
software. If this software is legit then why
aren’t they being transparent. It is because
this software in nothing but a scam.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro requires an initial deposit of
250$ to access the software. The brokers synced with
this scam service are unregulated. The chances of you
getting your money back is slim to none. Bitcoin
Millionaire Pro even promises to make it’s users
millionaires within a short amount of time.
Unfortunately easy money doesn’t exist in the world.
This software is a get rich quick scheme which prey
upon people’s greed which will ultimately make
them rich not it’s users.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a scam trading signals service.
The brokers synced with the platform are unregulated
and the bold claims are not backed up by any evidence.
All of these factors determines that this is indeed a
scam. We suggest all our readers not to get indulged
with this scam.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/09
Author Rating: 1/5

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