Ethereum Code Review- A Deceptive Scam

Ethereum code is an autotrader which claims
that their user can earn at least 1,500$ a day
and a guaranteed income of 10,000$ per week
for the rest of their lives.

The creator behind Ethereum code is a person
called Chris. He claims to be an Investment Banker
who made millions of dollars for his clients by
trading cryptocurrencies. There is no evidence
supporting his claims on the website or on any other

Ethereum Code states that the users on average
can earn over half a million dollars on an annual basis.
The autotrader also mentions that it has a success rate
of over 99%. If you have any experience in the
financial markets then you can easily detect that all
of the above claims and success rate are impossible
to achieve as no software is that accurate.

Ethereum Code
Scam Warning-

Ethereum Code makes many bold claims about the
profits generated but it fails to state anything about
the signal generating process, which indicators or
parameters it uses. The users cannot tweak any of the
settings other than the trade size. This software offers
only one trading asset i.e Ethereum.

The promotional video focuses more about the changes
in lifestyle of their users and it is followed by fake
testimonies which involves paid actors from Fiverr.
These are all the tactics used by scams to attract
newbie investors and earn their trust.

According to the Ethereum Code the access to this
software is limited to only 20 people. This is a shady
tactic to pressurise users to signup with them. The
reserved spots spots is a fake widget which never
reaches 0. Ethereum Code works with off-shore,
unregulated brokers which means the chances of
you making a successful withdrawal is very low. Always
trade with regulated brokers and avoid any transaction
involving unregulated brokerages.

Ethereum Code Scam

Ethereum Code lacks transparency about the way it
works and has no evidence to support their claims.
It is designed to lure in people by promising them that
they can earn a lot money with little to no efforts
required. The promotional video is filled with fake
testimonials and misleading information. We urge all
our readers to stay away from this nasty scam.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/09
Author Rating: 1/5

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