Aria App Review

Aria App is an online investment autotrader which
claims to have a success rate of 93%. The creator
behind the Aria App is a person called as Matthew
Bradbury who also claims to be an ex Wall street
investor who was profiting consistently and made
millions of dollars for himself and his clients.
We were unable to find any information about his
previous career and there is no evidence to
support his claims. He further states that the
Aria App is free to use for the first 41 days
after which a commission of 0.5% will be charged
from the total profits generated.

Aria App Scam warning-

Aria App claims to have an accuracy of 93% but there is
no way of measuring the alleged success rate or verify
that. There is no demo account provided to test out the
software before risking real money. Aria App guarantees
the investors profit of at least 1,350$ per day and it
can go upto 5,700$ with no risk involved. Outrageous
claims like these are tactics used by scams to attract
new and inexperienced investors into depositing with
their fraudulent software.

The creator of Aria App Matthew Bradbury states that he
was featured on World Finance and Forbes magazines.
We were unable to find any information about him or
his company. Matthew claims that anyone who invests
with Aria App will become a millionaire in 6 months
regardless of any trading experience with minimal
effort required. Unfortunately money does not grow
on trees and false claims like these prove that he
is nothing but a fictitious entity.

Aria App uses trade patterns for the signal generation
process along with 6 technical indicators which the
users can tweak to their liking. The software allegedly
looks for certain trigger keywords in the popular press
channels that might result in huge market movement.

In order to start using Aria App the investor have to
deposit funds into one of their recommended
brokerages. The brokers synced with the platform are
all unregulated. The minimum deposit required to
activate the account is 250$. As always we suggest
everyone to only trade with licensed and regulated

Aria App Conclusion-

Aria App makes many bold claims about the profits
generated and the alleged success rate of 93%
which is not backed up by any solid proof. The
promotional video contains many fake testimonials
and the identity of the founder of Aria App cannot
be traced outside their website. We suggest all our
readers not to invest into this scam autotrader.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/13
Author Rating: 1/5

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