Quantum Code Review

Quantum Code is an autotrader which has a alleged
success rate of 100%. The creator of this software is
an entity known as Michael Crawford who also claims
to be an investment banker who made millions of
dollars for his clients. We were unable to find any
details about his previous career which makes us
believe that he is a fictitious entity.

Quantum Code Scam Warning-

The creator of Quantum Code software claims that
he was featured on Forbes and other popular financial
magazines. There is no information about him or his
autotrader in any of the magazines. Lies like these are
told only to gain the trust of the investors.

Quantum Code claims that it has a success rate of
100%. This also states that investing with the
autotrader is risk free. There is always risk
involved in trading and this software is no
exception, it is flat out lying about the accuracy
and there is no way of measuring the previous
performance of the software. Quantum Code does not
talk anything about the signal generating process
except that it predicts the market before everyone
and executes it with near quantum speed. This
information does not make any sense.

Quantum Code requires an initial deposit of 250$ to
activate the autotrader. The brokers synced with
the platform are unregulated. There is no demo
account available. In the promotional video of the
Quantum Code it says that the access to the
software is limited to only 20 people. This is a
shady tactic used to pressurise investors to sign
up with them quickly. The spots left counter never
reaches 0.

The promotion video of the Quantum Code is
bombarded with fake testimonials. It shows
fancy cars, private jets and mansions owned
by the user. Quantum Code states that on
average the users can earn upto 3,000$ a day
with the initial deposit of 250$. It claims
to have profited over 1 billion dollars till
date. There is no evidence supporting their
outrageous claims.

Quantum Code does not provide the users with any
degree of control over the trades executed except
for choosing the trade size. There is no limit to
the number of trades made per day and no settings
for choosing between aggressive or passive risk

Quantum Code Conclusion-

Quantum Code is a scam binary options autotrader. It
features a lot of fake testimonials and promises to
make their investors guaranteed profits of upto
3,000$ with no risk involved. Do not invest your
hard earned money into this scam.


Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/13
Author Rating: 1/5

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