Delta Tech Review

Delta Tech is an online investment autotrader
which claims a winning rate of over 99 %. It
primarily trades option. The creator behind Delta
Tech is an entity known as Jake Hammel who
also claims to have worked at NASA. He states
that his articles were featured on Forbes. He
boasts of making ten people millionaires in
under 46 days who had no previous trading
skills. There is no evidence to support his claims
which makes us believe that he is nothing but
a fictitious entity.

Delta Tech Scam Warning –

Delta Tech states that the win rate of the autotrader
is over 99%. It is impossible for a software to be that
accurate. The legit softwares tops upto 85% win rate
at the most. It is needless to say that the accuracy of
the software is falsely projected. The signal generation
process of the Delta Tech Scam allegedly uses super
fast granular data and analyses them in the fastest
possible time. The granular data is given by different
server farms around the world which they state is
strategically positioned. This explanation does not
make any sense what so ever. The scientific terms are
used just to mess with your head and trick new and
inexperienced investors into thinking that the
software is legit.

In the promotional video of Delta Tech it states that
it earns its uses an average and guaranteed income of
22,005 $ per day. At the end of the day if the
income is not reached they will credit the difference
amount. All these guarantees are utter lies. Risk is
always present in trading. Their promotional video is
trying lure in newbies by promising them huge returns.
Along with the outrageous income claims there is
also a fake spots left widget. The access to this
software is allegedly open for only 24 people and
one more thing just to clear your thoughts, the
widget never reaches zero. This is one of the oldest
tricks of the scams used to pressurize investors to
sign up them with quickly.

Delta Tech software is synced with unregulated
brokers which means the chances of you getting back
your money is slim to none. The minimum deposit
required to get started is 250 $. The users do not have
any options to tweek the settings or change the
parameters. There is no limit to the number of trades
executed in a day. This software runs on almost all
of the modern devices which has access to the

Delta Tech promotional videos features a lot of
fake testimonials. There is no transparency or
credible proof of their previous accomplishments
such as making the last group of beta testers
millionaires in under 46 days.

Delta Tech conclusion –

Delta Tech is a cheap scam autotrader which throws
out a lot of empty promises of making huge gains over
short term period. Do not invest your hard earned
money into this scam.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/19
Author Rating: 1/5

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