BitPenta Review

BitPenta is an online investment platform
and an autotrader in which the investor
does not have to bother about anything
except depositing the funds. The creators
and developers behind the BitPenta
operate in total anonymity. BitPenta claims
to be active in the forex and stock market
from 2005. We did not find any evidence to
support their claims. BitPenta is quite
confused about their representation
because they say that it is an autotrader
which does not require any human input but
at the same time claims to be an ICO
promising 0.42-0.54% per hour returns on
investment. This is a shady tactic used to
accumulate as much funds as possible before
they get shut down and run with your money.

BitPenta scam warning-

BitPenta states that it has been active in the
forex and stock markets from 2005 and
recently it has started to trade
cryotocurrencies since 2013. The investors
money will be used for trading and they
provide them predetermined returns.
They claims that this investment opportunity
is completely risk free and if a losing trade
occurs they will bear all the loses and credit
only the profits into your account. These are
utter lies. If they really could provide these
type of returns then why are the remaining
anonymous. At the same time it also claims to
be a bitcoin mining solution. They are trying
to attract everyone by featuring a wide
range of investment spectrum.

BitPenta claims to make their users
guaranteed returns of 0.42-0.54% per hour.
At this rate your deposit amount doubles
every 10 days. No legit sites can offer these
type of results and it is impossible to
deliver these type of returns consistently.

BitPenta states that their company is licensed.
However, we could not find any evidence of
its existense. The website features a
registration document but it is just a fake
photoshopped document. This company does
not exist. The owners would have proudly
revealed their identity if this platform really
worked. The reason for them to maintain
anonymously is to avoid criminal prosecution.

BitPenta software is a Ponzi or a pyramid scheme.
The affiliates are paid three level comission upto
15% by inviting their referrals. Also note that the
affiliates does not have to be an active depositor.
This is the reason some reviews on the internet is
favouring them, at the end of the day the real loss
is to the investors. BitPenta does not mine or
invest in any cryptocurrency instead it fills its
pockets by the deposits made by the investors.

BitPenta Review Conclusion-

BitPenta is an unlicensed company also has
similarities to a ponzi scheme. We recommend
all our readers not to invest with this fraudulent

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/19
Author Rating: 1/5

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