Tera App Review

Tera App is an autotrader which trades binary
options. It claims a success rate of over 99% .
The developer behind the Tera App is a person
known as Richard Heffuer, he along with his
brother Josh who is a wall street professional
created Tera App. Richard Heffuer was
previously working as a systems analyst shifted
his career to trading and within 4 years
accumulated wealth of over 137 million dollars.
There is no credible proof to support his claims
which makes us believe that he is a paid actor.

Tera App Scam warning-

Tera App states that the accuracy of the
autotrader is over 99%. There is no evidence
to support this claim and they are flat out lying.
Tera App guarantees it’s users an average of
20,000$ a day and if for some reason at the
end of the day the predetermined targets are
not reached, they will make up for the
difference ensuring that its users get 20,000$ a
day. In this rate anyone can become millionaires
in less than 51 days. Tera App also claims to be
risk free. These are all shady tactics used by
scams to attract new and inexperienced investor
into depositing with their fraudulent software.

Tera App states that it uses historical price
patterns for the signal generation process
but claims that the main reason for the high
win rate of the software is the access to the
data using optical data transfer and then
using the super computers to crunch the
data to find profitable trades and if this goes
wrong an alleged backup plan called RCT
automatically executes the trade in opposite
direction ensuring that you can break even
on the losing trades. The losing trades occurs
once out of every 33 trades executed. The
explanation does not provide any valuable
information because having access to the
data is not the key to winning. The scientific
terms and speed rates are used to trick
newbie investor into thinking that the
software is legit.

The access to Tera App software is
supposedly open for 10 people but let me
tell you something the spots left counter
never reaches zero. It is one of the oldest
tricks used by scams to pressurise investors
to sign up with them quickly. Tera App
software requires a deposit of at least 250$
to activate the autotrader. The brokers synced
with the platform are all unregulated meaning
that the chances of you getting back your money
is slim to none. Tera App states that there is
no need for the users to have any trading
experinece to use the autotrader. The
users can choose the trade size but other than
that they have no control over other things like
risk parameters or the number of trades
executed in a day.

Tera App Conclusion-

Tera App ia a fraudulent autotrader which
promises unrealistic returns over a short
period of time which is impossible to
achieve. Keep your money safe and
stay away from this scam.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/20
Author Rating: 1/5

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