Minelend Review

Minelend is an ICO and a crypto mining investment
group. Minelend claims to earn its users 1-2 %
returns daily depending on their starting balance.
There is no information about the creators or
developers behind this firm. The lack of
transparency surrounding Minelend leads to
many questions. Read our full review to find out
if they are trustworthy investment opportunity.

Minelend scam warning-

Minelend is an ICO, meaning that they raise
investment from the public and offer them
predetermined returns. They advertise daily
returns of 1-2 % . It might not seem much but it
is impossible to consistently deliver that type of
returns as the value of Bitcoin and other
cryptocurrencies fluctuates a lot . Guaranteeing
returns and claiming to be risk free are the tricks
used by the scams to grab your attention. If it
was truly a risk free investment opportunity
why would they offer it for free?

Though Minelend claims to be a registered entity,
we are not able to verify any certificates
confirming licenses. We have confirmed through
both the FCA and FTC that Minelend has never
been licensed. They are trading and investing for
their customers illegally.

Minelend features a ponzi or pyramid scheme like
most fradulent investments. Their main goal is to
accumulate as much money as possible from
deposits made by clients before they get shut down.
The affiliates are paid upto 15% of the deposits made
by their referalls. The only payment mode accepted
by Minelend is Bitcoin. The minimum deposit
required is 50$.

Minelend Review Conclusion-

We suggest all our readers to stay away from
Minelend. Keep your hard earned money safe and
do not invest with this unlicensed money making platform.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/21
Author Rating: 1/5

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