BitHolder Review

BitHolder is a high yield investment program
which is focused on the cryptocurrencies
trading and mining. It also claims to invest
20% of assigned funds into forex and stock
market. It promises investors 7-15 %
returns on daily basis. There is no credible
proof to support their claims. There is no
information available about the creators
or developers behind this software.

BitHolder Scam Warning-

BitHolder represents itself as an ICO which
means that they raise capital from the
public and in return pay them a fixed
predetermined amount. BitHolder
features a copy of incorporation on their
website. This does not mean they are regulated.
We have confirmed through the Financial-
Conduct Authorities (FCA). BitHolder limited
is not licensed, which means there are
trading and investing for it’s members illegally.

BitHolder states that their users can earn 7-15%
return on investment on a daily basis. In one
month it would add to a significant ROI of 450% .
These type of returns are impossible to deliver on
a consistent basis. These type of income claims
are used only to gain your attention and trick
you into thinking that you can become rich
quickly. If BitHolder could really achieve those
type of results guaranteed why would they
give it for free ? Bitholder has three types of
account featuring different returns on a
daily basis. The differentiating element
between the types of accounts is the starting
balance. The deposit and withdrawal methods
supported on Bitolder is Bitcoin, Ethereum and
other cryptocurrencies.

BitHolder features a ponzi or pyramid scheme.
Their main goal is to accumulate as much money
as possible from deposit made by clients and
other affiliations before they get shut down or
run away with your money. The affiliates of
BitHolders are paid around 2-5% of the deposits
made by their referrals.

BitHolder Review Conclusion-

BitHolder is an high yield investment program
which is operating illegally. We suggest all our
readers to avoid any dealings with BitHolder.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/22
Author Rating: 1/5

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