Invexic Review

Invexic is an online investment opportunity
which claims returns of up to 1500% within
60 trading days. It primarily trades stocks.
There is no information about the CEO or
developers of Invexic Limited. The website is
pretty convincing and well thought but looks
can be deceiving. Read our full review to
find out how these type of money making
platforms are luring in new and inexperienced
investors by promising them huge returns
but ultimately lose their funds.

Invexic Scam Warning-

Invexic Limited is an investment firm where in
customers have to invest certain amount and
in return they are promised a pre-determined
returns. The Invexic website shows a
registration copy of the firm but we were unable
to find any certificates confirming licenses which
they must lawfully hold. We have confirmed
through both FCA and FTC, Invexic Limited has
never been licensed which means they are
trading and investing for their clients illegally.
Ask yourself if they could really provide
guaranteed returns why would they offer it for
free?. Invexic does not talk much about how they
use the funds raised except that they will use the
funds for trading in the stock market. There is no
transparency. How can any investor believe them
without knowing who they are or how the funds
will be used.

The minimum deposit required to get started
with this platform is 10 $ which gives 2% returns
daily, meaning you can double your deposit
every 50 days on complete auto pilot. Invexic
supports a lot of e-wallets and crypto currency
payment methods like Bitcoin, Litecoin,
Etherem, Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Dash and Dogcoin.
They claim that withdrawals are usually
processed in 12 to 24 hours. Invexic claims to
guarantee the returns on daily, weekly or monthly
basis depending upon the plan the users
selected earlier. The volatility in the stock market
is high and no one can guarantee the accuracy or
returns arising from the trade. These are shady
practises used to grab your attention.

Invexic features ponzi scheme characteristic like
most fraudulent investment firms, their main goal
is to accumulate as much money as possible from
deposit made by investors before they get shut down.
It contains an affiliate program where in the
affiliates are paid a percentage from the deposits
made by their referrals. Also note that affiliates
do not have to be an active investor.

Invexic Review Conclusion-

Invexic Limited claims to generate high returns
but fails to provide any details about their
previous accomplishments or credible proof to
verify that. They are also investing and trading
for their clients illegally. we suggest all our
readers not to invest in this fraudulent program.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/22
Author Rating: 1/5

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