Black Diamond 1 Review

Black Diamond 1 is an investment firm which
claims returns of 5-10 % on a daily basis with
minimal risk associated. It trades Forex, Stocks and
Cryptocurrencies.There is no information about
creators or CEO of this firm. The level of
anonymity surrounding this investment firm
has given raise to a lot of concerns. Read our
full review to find out the shady tactics used
by fradulent programs like these to scam you
out of your money.

Black Diamond 1 Scam Warning-

Black Diamond 1 website features a document
stating that it has been legally registered within
the United Kingdom. Note that this registration
is simply for taxation purpose. Black Diamond 1
Limited represent an investment firm requiring
members to invest certain amount of money
for predetermined returns. We have confirmed
through both FCA and FTC Black Diamond 1
Limited has never been licensed which means
they are trading and investing for their clients

Black Diamond 1 claims to give guaranteed
returns based on the investment plan chosen
by the clients earlier. They supposedly invest
and trade in Cryptocurrencies, forex and
stocks. The minimum deposit required to get
started with the platform is 25$. The high
return claims are used to attract new and
inexperienced investors and trick them into
believing that they can become rich very quickly.
If this software really generated high returns
guaranteed why would they offer it for free?

There is only one way of reaching the support
staff of this firm, that is by e-mail. Seeing their
claims and success stories why do they offer
only one mode of communication. There are
quite a few deposit methods available and
they state that the withdrawals are usually
processed within 24 hours.

Black Diamond 1 features characteristics similar
to a ponzi or pyramid scheme. Like most
fraudulent investments their main goal is to
accumulate as much money as possible from
registrations before they get shut down. It
offers a affiliate program where in the
affiliates are paid around 1-5% of the
deposits made by their referrals. The
affiliates do not have to be an active investor.

Black Diamond 1 review Conclusion-

Black Diamond 1 is a fraudulent investment
program which claims to make guaranteed
returns on a daily basis. We suggest all our
readers not to indulge with this unlicensed
investment firm.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/24
Author Rating: 1/5

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