Crypto Coin Crusher Review

Crypo Coin Crusher is a signal service which
claims to have an accuracy of 99.99% . The
creator behind this software is an entity
known as Alex Riles, he along with other 3
programmers created this software. There
is no information about the creator or
programmers behind this software which
makes us believe that they are all ficticious
entities. There is not even a picture provided
of the creator. There is no evidence to
support there outrageous Income claims.

Crypto Coin Crusher Scam Warning-

Crypto Coin Crusher claims an accuracy of
99.99% meaning that it is practically impossible
to lose by trading with it. There is no way of
measuring or verifiying there previous
accomplishments of the software over the
years. There is no software which can yield that
much accuracy and the win rate claims are flat
out lies. There is no demo account provided
by the platform. So the users cannot test the
software without risking their funds.

Crypto Coin Crusher does not talk much about
signal generation process or parameters. It
considers before executing the trade. We are
told that it is employs an all in one algorithm
which analyse the market with military grade
precision. These gimmicky words are used
just to attract new and inexperienced investors
and trick them into thinking that their
software is legit. It does not talk anything
about risk management techniques. They claim
that the software is so simple to use that the
investors do not have any need of trading
experience as they only have to buy and sell
when the software tells them to. This in
theory might sound simple but it is very
unlikely to happen.

In the promotional video of Crypto Coin
Crusher, Alex Riles claims that he started
trading cryptocurrencies back in 2015 and used
his techniques to find profitable trade which took
him around 10 hours of analysis each day, so
he hired 3 programmers who coded his
techniques so that he can make money and
enjoy the freedom without doing the hard work.
Even though it is an nice illustration, there is
simply no evidence to support there cock and
bull story. If this software was really legit and
generate guaranteed returns why would they
sell it for mere 37$.

Even the testimonies featured in Crypto Coin
Crusher promotional video is fake, the details and
pictures of the users are not shown. Crypto
Coin Crusher claims to be completely risk free
and even features a 60 days money back guarantee,
if the users ever faces any loss. Unfortunately
once a trade is lost there is no way of regaining
that loss. There is no such thing as a refund
when it comes to losing trades.

Cypto Coin Crusher Review Conclusion-

Crypto Coin Crusher is a fraudulent signals
software which promises to make you
easy money with minimal efforts. We
suggest all our readers to stay away from
this scam.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/24
Author Rating: 1/5

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