Copy Trade Book Review

Copy Trade Book is a binary options autotrader
which claims to have a success rate of upto 85%.
There is no information available about the
creator or developers of this software. They
operate in total anonymity, there is no evidence
to support their accuracy claims nor is there
any way to evaluate their previous accomplishments.
Investors have lost their entire investments with
fraudulent softwares similar to this software.

Copy Trade Book Scam Warning-

Copy Trade book claims to do a lot of things
together. This software states that its an autotrader
at the same time it also claims to be a social
trading platform with a huge community wherein
you can copy any trades of other alleged expert
traders based on the stats they like. This is just
an attempt to attract more investors by featuring
a wide range of investment opportunities.

Copy Trade Book states that it uses 6 technical
indicators for its signal generation process.
It has an alleged win rate of 85%. There is no
option to switch between aggressive and
passive risk management techniques according
to various market conditions.

Copy Trade Book features a demo account, so
that the users can familiarise themselves with the
platform and trading strategies before risking any
real money. Do not be fooled by this trick
because the demo account is rigged to win an
average of 98% of all trades. This is an effective
tactic used to convince investors that the software
produces highly reliable and accurate signals.
Once you open a real account somehow magically
the win rate drops to around 50 – 60% which is
barely enough to break even.

Crypto Trade book features a list of regulated and
unregulated brokers synced with the platform.
As always we suggest everyone to only trade with
regulated brokers. Ask yourself what good would
trading with a regulated broker be without any
tested trading system?

Crypto Trade Book Review Conclusion-

Crypto Trade Book is a fraudulent software which
is getting a lot of bad reputation for it self
due to its failures. Do not invest your money
into this software.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/24
Author Rating: 1/5

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