Best Coin Bot Review

Best Coin Bot is an autotrader which primarily
trades cryptocurrencies. There is no
assurance about the win rate generated by
the software. It claims to earn it’s users
55$ – 105$ consistently with a mere deposit of
300$ which is 20 – 30% return on investment on a
daily basis. The high return claims are not
backed up by any credible proof. There is no
information available about the creators or
developers behind this software. Lack of
transparency covering this software has
given raise to a lot of concerns. Read our full
review to find out how this fraudulent software
is losing the funds of the investors.

Best Coin Bot Scam Warning-

Best Coin Bot states that it earns it’s users an
average of 20-30% consistently on a daily
basis. These type of returns are unrealistic and
impossible to deliver on a daily basis. There is
no evidence to support their claims. High
returns claims are an effective trick used by
scams to catch your attention and trick newbie
investors into depositing with them.

Best Coin Bot claims to use an algorithm for
it’s signal generation process. The algorithm
allegedly detects strong signals in any
cryptocurrency and creates a buy order when
the price is low and a sell order when the price
is high while constantly ensuring that the
portfolio is diversified.

Best Coin Bot features a demo account so that
the users can familiarize themselves with the
platform and trading system before investing
any funds. Do not be fooled by this. The demo
account is rigged to win an average of 90% of
all trades. This shady tactic used to convince
investors that the software is highly accurate.
But once you open a real account the win rate
magically disappears. Many investors have
reported terrible win rate of less than 50% with
this software which is barely enough to break even.

The minimum deposit required to get started
with this platform is 250$. The deposit and
withdrawal methods include Credit or Debit card,
Skrill, Neteller or Wire transfer. They state
that the withdrawals are processed within 48
hours. Note that for withdrawal request it might
require the user to provide his/her proof of
identification for authentication.

Best Coin Bot features the stats of various users
on their leader board. They are all completely
fake. They are just stock images purchased or
stolen from other websites. Ask yourself why
do they wait to put up fake user profiles unless
they are trying to hide something from us.

Best Coin Bot Review Conclusion-

Best coin Bot is a fraudulent software you do not
want to mess around with. Their bold claims are
not backed up by any sort of credible proof. Do
not invest your hard earned money into this software.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/26
Author Rating: 1/5

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