Crypto 360 Pro Review

Crypto 360 Pro is a cloud mining solution
which claims returns of upto 800% per
week. There is no evidence supporting
their outrageous income claims. There is
no information available about the
creators or developers behind this platform.
The level of anonymity surrounding this
platform has given raise to a lot of concerns.
Read our full review to find out many shady
practices we found with this firm and the
reasons to stay away from it.

Crypto 360 Pro Scam warning-

Crypto 360 Pro advertises returns of up to
800% within 7 days which they claim to be
associated with less risk. These type of
returns are not only unrealistic but impossible
to deliver on a consistent basis. Huge return
claims are used by many fraudulent
investments to catch your attention and trick
new and inexperienced investors into
depositing with them. Ask yourself if this
software could really produce high returns
consistently why would they offer it to the
public for free?

Crypto 360 Pro represents an ICO meaning
that they raise investment from its members
and in return provide them a fixed
predetermined returns. Crypto 360 Pro state
that they are legally registered in the
United Kingdom. Unfortunately we were not
able to find or verify any certificates they must
lawfully hold. We have confirmed through
both the FCA and Companies House (UK)
Crypto 360 Pro is not licensed which means that
they are trading and investing for their clients illegally.

Crypto 360 Pro does not state the minimum
deposit required to get started with the platform
but it is usually around 250$. The platform accepts
deposits and withdrawals from only one mode of
e-currency which is Bitcoin. They state that the
withdrawals are processed within 12 business hours.

Crypto 360 Pro features characteristics similar
to a ponzi or pyramid scheme. Like most
fraudulent investments their main goal is to
accumulate as much money as possible from
registration before they get shut down and run
away at your expense. The affiliates are paid a
percentage of deposits made by their referrals.

Crypto 360 Pro Review Conclusion-

Crypto 360 Pro is a high yield investment
program which is operating illegally. We
suggest all our readers not to indulge with
this fraudulent firm.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/26
Author Rating: 1/5

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