1K Daily Profit Review

1K Daily profit is a binary options autotrader
which claims to have an accuracy of 99.8%
and it guarantees its users an average earning
of at least 1000$ a day on complete autopilot.
There is no evidence supporting their outrageous
claims. The creator behind this software is an
entity known as John Becker, he along with his
partner who states to have worked at Goldman
Sachs together built up the software. We were
not able to find any information about the so
called creators behind this software which makes
us believe that they are all just fictitious entities.

1K Daily Profit Scam Warning-

1K Daily Profit claims to have a win rate of 99.8%.
This accuracy claim is a flat out lie. No software
can predict the market with this type of accuracy.
1K Daily Profit does not talk anything about the
signal generation process except that it profits from
global financial crisis. We do not know what
indicators or parameters it considers before executing
a trade. There is no option to switch between
aggressive and passive risk management techniques
depending upon various market conditions.

1K Daily Profit states that it earns its users an
average of 1000$ a day with a mere starting
balance of 250$. These type of returns are highly
unlikely due to the volatility present in the
markets. It is unethical to state or declare any
type of returns. If this software really generated
returns as advertised by them why would they
offer it to the public for free?

1K Daily Profit requires a minimum deposit of
250$ in order to get starrted with the platform.
They feature a list of regulated and unregulated
brokers synced with the platform. As always we
suggest everyone to trade only with regulated
and licensed brokers. Most of the legitimate
autotraders provide their users with a demo
account so that they can familiarize themselves
with the platform and the trading system.
1K Daily Profit does not feature a demo account.

The access to 1K Daily Profit is supposedly open
for only 25 people. The sopts left counter never
reaches zero. This is one of the oldest tricks
used by scams to pressurize investors to sign
up with them quickly.

In the promotional video of 1K Daily profit they
state that the users do not need any experience
to start profiting from trading using this software.
These type of assurance and the idea of generating
easy money are the tricks used by scam to lure in
new and inexperienced investors into depositing
with their platform.

1K Daily Profit features a lot of testimonials in
their promotional video. The alleged early users
explain how this software has helped them earn
significant amount of money. Do not be fooled by
this. These testimonies are not from real users
they are all paid actors.

1K Daily Profit Review Conclusion-

1K Daily Profit is undoubtedly a scam which is a
typical example of get rich quick schemes
designed to lure in new investors. Do not invest
your hard earned money into this fradulent
automated solution.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/28
Author Rating: 1/5

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