BlockChain 2 Bank Review

Blockchain 2 Bank is an autotrader which
primarily trades cryptocurrencies. It claims
to have a success rate of 90% . There is no
credible proof to support their alleged
success rate. This software states that it took
more than 500 developers and 300 trading
strategist to create and streamline it.
Unfortunately there is no information about
the developers, creators or strategists found
anywhere on their website. The level of
anonymity surrounding this software has raised
a lot of concerns. Read our full review to find
out why we are advising you to stay away
from this scam.

BlockChain 2 Bank Scam Warning-

Blockchain 2 Bank claims to have a accuracy
rate of 90%. There is no evidence to support
their claim. The software does not talk
anything about the signal generation process,
what indicators or parameters it considers
before executing a trade. There is no option
to switch between aggressive and passive money
management techniques depending upon
the various market conditions.

Blockchain 2 Bank claims to earn its users a
profit of 700$ on an average daily. This
software does not need its users to have any
prior trading experience. High return claims
are used by scams to convince the investors
that they can become rich quickly. Guaranteed
profit claims are highly unlikely and impossible
to deliever on a consistent basis due to the
ever changing nature of the markets. Ask
yourself if this software could really generate
guaranteed returns with little to no risk
associated, why would they offer it for free?

Blockchain 2 Bank requires an initial deposit
of 250$ in order to get started with the
platform. The users are also told that they get
access to the educational materials. The type
of education provided is very basis and can
be found anywhere on the internet free of cost.

Blockchain 2 Bank features a lot of testimonials
on their website along with the screenshot of
bank accounts showing significant amount of
money. Note that no pictures of early users are
there on the testimonials. The screenshot does
not prove that the amount is generated from
using this service and it is not conclusive.

BlockChain 2 Bank Review Conclusion-

Blockchain 2 Bank is not a reliable automated
trading solution. The anonymity surrounding
this software and ridiculous guaranteed income
claims are the major reasons we are debunking
this scam. Do not invest into this software.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/28
Author Rating: 1/5

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