Ico Money Maker Review

Ico Money Maker is an online investment
opportunity which claims to have an accuracy
of 97% . There is no evidence supporting
their alleged success rate. The creator behind
this software is an entity known as Tony Shaffer
who also happens to be a programmer and a
business man. We were not able to find any
information about him outside their website
which makes us believe that he is nothing but a
fictitious entity. Read our full review to find
out the reasons to stay away from this fraudulent

Ico Money Maker Scam Warning-

Ico Money Maker states that it chooses which
initial coin offering to invest on a daily basis.
It has an alleged 97% accuracy in choosing the
profitable coins. No software can produce this
type of accuracy. There is no evidence to
support their win rate claims or any way to
measure their previous performance. This
software does not state which factors it
considers before investing in an ICO. If this
software could really produce guaranteed
returns why would they offer it to the public
for free?

Ico Money Maker claims to have generated
23,447% ROI per year. High return claims are
used by scams to catch your attention and
trick new and inexperienced investors into
depositing with them.

ICO Money Maker requires a minimum deposit
of 250$ in order to get started with the platform.
It states that it does not need the investors to
have any need of prior trading experience as the
system will run on complete auto pilot. In their
promotional video it talks about the life style
changes of their early users but isn’t it fishy
despite the alleged successful operations they
lack a dedicated customer support team.

Tony Shaffer the alleged creator behind this
platform is a fictitious person. The picture is
just a stock image purchased or stolen from
shutter stock or other related websites.

Ico Money Marker Review Conclusion-

Ico Money Maker is a fraudulent software lead by
an unknown person. The income claims and
accuracy rates are not only ridiculous but impossible
to deliver on a consistent basis. Keep your money
safe and stay away from this scam.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/04/29
Author Rating: 1/5

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