Evergreen Profits Review

Evergreen Profits is an high yield investment
program which claims to make its users
financially independent on complete
autopilot. There is no information about the
creators or developers behind this software.
The level of anonymity surrounding this
software has raised a lot of concerns. Read
our full review to find out the reasons to
avoid this fraudulent software.

Evergreen Profits Scam Warning-

Evergreen Profits does not talk anything
about the signal generation process. It
claims to take trades based on their alleged
financial experts advice. We are not told
about which indicators or parameters it
considers before executing a trade. How
can an investor trust this software with
their funds without knowing the win rate
and draw down of the trading system?

There is no assurance about the reliability
of the software. This software claims to
make their users a life changing profits
which is enough to buy them luxurious life.
They don’t state the exact amount they
made just to avoid looking scammy. The
type of returns advertised is not only
unrealistic but impossible to deliver on a
consistent basis.

Evergreen Profits requires a minimum deposit
of 250$ in order to get started with the
autotrader. It features a list of regulated and
unregulated brokers synced with the platform.
As always we suggest everyone to only trade
with regulated and licensed brokers.

There is no demo account provided by Evergreen
-Profits, so you cannot test the win rate without
risking your money. There is no dedicated support
team. If you ever run into problems, there is
nothing you can do about it.

Evergreen Profits features characteristic similar to
a ponzi / pyramid scheme. Like most fraudulent
investments their main goal is to make as much
money as possible from registrations and other
affiliations before they get shut down. The
affiliates are paid a percentage of deposits
made by their referrals.

Evergreen profits features a lot of testimonies
where in the users explain how this software
helped change their life drastically by making
them financially independent. This explanation
is not conclusive. Their trading history cannot
be verified by any means.

Evergreen Profits Review Conclusion-

Evergreen Profits is a high yield investment
program with no credible track record. Do
not invest your money into this platform.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/02
Author Rating: 1/5

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