Maximus Edge Review

Maximus Edge is an autotrader with an accuracy rate of
84%. It is one of the special type of software which
adopts to various types of market conditions seamlessly.
The creator behind this software is a person called Max
who was a former trader in a private firm. While we
were investigating this service we found many useful
factors on their website. Read our full review to find out
how this software can help anyone in their trading
endeavour regardless of their experience.

Maximus Edge Features-

Maximus Edge uses five popular technical indicators
namely Bollinger Bands, Pivot levels, Stochastic RSI,
MACD and Fibonacci retracements for the signal
generation process.The users can tweak the indicators
to their liking by setting up custom input parameters.
If you are a newbie then you do not have to worry
about anything as the default settings are good
enough to make your trades profitable.

Maximus Edge is built to be profitable in any type of
market conditions. It features many types of
strategies which are automatically activated
depending upon the volatility of the markets. If
things ever go wrong then traders can at least
break even on losing trades by using hedging strategy.
This software ensures that their users are profitable in
both range bound and trending markets.

How much money can you make with Maximus Edge?

The answer to this question depends upon your starting
balance. For example lets say you open an account with
250$ then you can expect to make around 52-75$ per day.
Of course there will be days were in you will make less
are more than the stated amount. This software does not
promise to make you millionaire but instead it provides
you with a reliable secondary source of income regardless
of your starting investment.

Is Maximus Edge free?

Not exactly, Maximus Edge requires a minimum deposit of
250$ in order to get started with the autotrader. This
platform features a list of brokers best suited to the
customers depending upon their geological location.
There is a dedicated customer support staff available to
address the users in case if they encounter any problem.
The users can reach out to the support team either by
e-mail or telephone.

Maximus Edge Review Conclusion-

Maximus Edge is a legitimate trading solution which is
useful for both newbie and professional traders. If you
are looking to create a second source of income, we
encourage you to try this automated solution.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/06
Author Rating: 5/5

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