Option Robot Review

Option Robot is a binary options autotrader
which has an accuracy rate of 83%. While
we were investigating this service we found
many useful tools which makes trading
hasslefree for both the newbie and
experienced traders. Read our full review
to find out how this automated solution is
generating a steady stream of income for
its users.

Option Robot features-

Option Robot runs on all interfaces ( IOS and
-Android ) and it has been streamlined to run
smoothly on all modern devices like cell
phone, tablet, ipad and laptop. This software
just requires an active internet connection in
order to start placing trades via the synced broker.

Option Robot uses 6 popular technical indicators
namely Trend indicator, RSI indicator, Williams
indicator, MACD indicator, Stock indicator and
CCI indicator for the signal generation process.
This software has a win rate of 83%. The accuracy
rate tends to increase over time.

Option Robot allows the users to switch between
various money management methods so that the
users can manage risk efficiently. The 3 methods
of money management are

1. Classic System
This method is recommended for beginners as it is
the most secure option. Under this method
autotrader places trades of fixed amount thereby
ensuring that a series of bad trades cannot blow
the account and in profitable run it yields fixed
returns per day.

2. Martingale System
This system was originally designed for gambling.
However, it is nowadays used for trading also.
Basically in this system the trade amount is doubled
whenever a loosing trade occurs there by earning a
small profit on top of breaking even on the prior
trade. However, this method should be used with
extreme caution because if a serious of bad trades
occurs then this method will wipe out your account.

3. Fibonacci System
Fibonacci system is the most efficient method to
manage risk wherein the trade amount is
automatically adjusted depending on the win or
loss sequence.

Like most legitimate automated solution Option
Robot also features a demo account which helps
traders familiarize themselves with the platform
and trading system without risking any money.

Option Robot requires a minimum deposit of 250$
in order to get started with the autotrader. The
brokers synced with this platform are Binary Mate
and Binary Cent. These brokers are regulated
and have been around for a long time proving to
be consistently profitable to the users.

The deposit and withdrawal can be done through a
variety of e-wallet like Skrill, Neteller, PerfectMoney,
etc. Payments through Debit or credit cards and Wire
transfer are also accepted. Withdrawals are usually
processed within one hour.

The brokers synced with the platform also features
a dedicated customer support staff which will
address any kind of problems encountered by the
clients. The support team can be reached through
e-mail or telephone.

Option Robot Review Conclusion-

Option Robot is an reliable autotrader which has been
around for a long time proving to be consistently
generating profits for its users. If you are looking for
a reliable source of income, this software definitely
fills that need.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/07
Author Rating: 4/5

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