United Trading Review

United Trading is an autotrader and a social
trading platform. The accuracy of this
software is 83%. While we were
investigating this software we found many
important factors which makes this
software a must have tool for all traders
regardless of their experience. Read our
full review to find out how this software
can help you in your trading endeavor.

United Trading Platform Features-

There are 4 creators behind this software.
Those people are Adam Fletcher(technical
-analyst), Jaleel Bashir(fundamental analyst),
Matt Kirby(Investment Banker) and Lydia
-Williamson(coder). This software was
even recognized by International Investing
and Entrepreneurial Symposium. These financial
experts have jointly created this platform to
make trading less stressful and help traders to
become more profitable.

This software runs on most of the modern
devices which has an active internet
connection. The user interface of this
platform is pretty self explanatory. It does
not matter whether you wish to trade on
Mobile, Tablet, ipad or Laptop, this
platform works effortlessly on all of them.

United Trading software uses technical and
fundamental analysis with user sentiment
for the signal generation process which
yields 83% accuracy. The users can choose
whether they want to trade short term,
medium term or long term signals thereby
managing risk efficiently. The accuracy of
the software tends to increase over time.
The investors can also choose the assets
they want to trade and this platform also
has pending orders feature so that you can
enter trades with your desired strike price,
if the strike price is not reached the trade
will not get executed.

There is an educational outlet on the
platform which provides the users with a
basic knowledge of the different assets
of the financial management. The
platform also features a news section
where in you can find the latest news
and trending topics arising in the financial
markets. There is a dedicated customer
support team to address any kind of
problem encountered by the users. The
customer support can be reached by
e-mail or telephone and they are
available 24/5.

United Trading requires a minimum
deposit of 250$ in order to get started
with the platform. Most of the brokers
synced with this software are regulated
and some are unregulated. As always
we suggest everyone to trade with
regulated and licensed brokers only.
The deposits and withdrawals can be
done through major debit/credit cards,
wire transfer and e-wallets like Skrill,
Neteller, etc.

United Trading Review Conclusion-

United Trading software is designed to
earn its users a steady source of
income regardless of their experience.
We encourage you to try out this
social trading platform.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/09
Author Rating: 5/5

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