Quantum Hybrid Trader Review

Quantum Hybrid Trader is an online
investment opportunity which claims
to earn its users an average income
of 5000$ per day. This software
claims to be risk free trading software.
Their income claims are not supported
by any sort of credible proof and risk
free claim is an outright lie. While we
were investigating this service we
found many more misleading factors
which has raised a lot of concerns. Read
our full review to find out the reasons
to stay away from this fraudulent software.

Quantum Hybrid Trader Scam Warning-

The creator behind this software is an
entity known as Austin Morrison. He
claims to have studied at Stanford and
he was apparently hired by Goldman
-Sachs. He states that he was featured
on many business magazines like Forbes,
Wall Street Journal and Business Insider.
We were not able to find any information
about him anywhere on the internet
except their website which makes us
believe that he is a paid actor.

Quantum Hybrid Trader does not talk
anything about the signal generation
process. We do not know which indicators
or parameters it consider before executing
a trade. We are only told that this software
always wins and has zero risk involved. Ask
yourself if this software really generated
winning trades consistently with no risk
involved why would they offer it to the
public for free?

Quantum Hybrid Trader claims to earn its
users an average income of 5000$ per day
on complete autopilot. the type of return
advertised is not only unrealistic but
impossible to deliver on a consistent basis.
High income claims are used by fraudulent
softwares to catch your attention and trick
newbie investors into depositing with their

Most legitimate autotraders provide their
users with a demo account so that the users
can familiarize themselves with the platform
and trading system without risking any
money. This platform does not feature a
demo account. There is no educational outlet
on their website. There is no dedicated
customer support team to address the
problems encountered by the users. The only
way to contact the support is through e-mail.

Quantum Hybrid Trader has a fake spots left
counter on their website which never
reaches zero. This is an old trick used by scams
to pressurize investors to sign up with them
quickly by creating a sense of urgency.

Quantum Hybrid Trader requires a minimum
deposit of 250$ in order to get started with
the autotrader. This platform features a list
of regulated and unregulated brokers synced
with their software. As always we suggest
everyone to trade only with regulated and
licensed brokers.

Quantum Hybrid Trader features a lot of
comments from alleged early users which
shows how this software helped them
earn significant amount of money in a
short time frame. Do not believe them as
they are not from real users, they are all
from fake profiles. Ask yourself why would
they put fake comments on their website
unless they are deliberately trying to hide
something from us.

Quantum Hybrid Trader Review Conclusion-

Quantum Hybrid Trader is a fraudulent software
which promises to make its users rich quickly.
Do not indulge with this autotrader in any way.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/10
Author Rating: 1/5

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