The Millionaires Makers Review

The Millionaires Makers is a binary options
autotrader which guarantees its users an
average income of 500$ per day. The
accuracy rate of the software is not
mentioned anywhere on their website.
While we were investigating this website
we found many misleading factors which
has raised a lot of concerns. Read our full
review to find out why we recommend you
to stay away from this fraudulent software.

The Millionaires Makers Scam Warning-

The creator behind this app is an entity
known as Martin. Apart from the name
there is no information about him which
makes us believe that he is either a paid
actor or a fictitious entity.

The Millionaires Makers does not talk
anything about the signal generation
process. We are not told which
indicators or fundamental triggers it
considers before entering a trade.
There is no assurance about the
reliability of the software. How can an
investor trust this software with their
funds without knowing the win rate
and draw downs of the trading system?

The Millionaires Makers claims to earn
its users a guaranteed income of at
least 500$ per day. It is unethical to
guarantee any kind of returns when it
comes to trading. High income claims
are used by fraudulent investments to
catch your attention and trick you into
believing that you can become rich
very quickly.

The Millionaires Makers features a lot
of success story of real traders who
made a mark in their respective sectors.
However, note that they are not
related to this software in any way.
People can become rich by trading but
it requires a lot of dedication and time
unlike this software which promises
easy money.

Most legitimate autotraders provide their
users with a demo account so that the users
can familiarize themselves with the platform
and trading system without risking any
money. This platform does not feature a
demo account. There is no educational
content on their website. If you ever
encounter any problems on their platform
there is nothing you can do about it as they do
not have a customer support team in place.

There is a fake spots left counter on this
website which never reaches zero. It is
one of the oldest tricks used by fraudulent
softwares to pressurize investors to sign
up with them quickly.

A minimum deposit of 250$ is required in
order to get access to the software. This
platform features a list of unregulated
broker synced with their software which
means if you ever deposit, the chances
of you getting back your money is slim
to none.

The Millionaires Makers features a lot of
testimonials where in the users explain
how much money they have made by
using this platform. Do not be fooled by
this as they are not from real users, they
are all from paid actors.

The Millionaires Makers Review Conclusion-

The Millionaires Makers is a typical example
of a get rich quick scam. Do not invest your
money into this fraudulent software.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/10
Author Rating: 1/5

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