Forex Trendy Review

Forex Trendy is a signal service which
has an accuracy rate of 70-80% and
analyses 34 Forex pairs on all time
frames where in the signals are
generated based on price action
analysis. While we were reviewing
this service we found many interesting
facts which makes us believe that this
tool is a must have for beginners. Read
our full review to find out the unique
features this software exhibits.

Forex Trendy Features-

Forex Trendy software runs on most of
the modern devices which has an active
internet connection. This software does
not require any installation as it is a web
based interface. Basic computing skills
are more than enough to get started
with this software as it is designed to be
a user friendly interface.

Unlike many fraudulent softwares this
platform does not promise huge returns.
However, the exact win rate of the
software is not mentioned anywhere
but the users can expect around 70-80%
win rate which is more than enough to
keep you profitable.

Forex Trendy uses price action analysis
for the signal generation process. This
ensures the profitability both in the
choppy markets and trending markets.
The beauty of this software is that it
analyses all the time frames from one
minute to monthly charts to find chart
patterns. The users can set the
preferred time frame they wish to get
signals from and when the chart pattern
appears, the users are alerted via e-mail.

Forex Trendy has a members only area
which can be accessed only after you
have made the payment. It consists of
a quick overview of the trends on all
time frames and automated chart
analysis recognizing Triangles, Flag and
Wedges on 34 currency pairs and all
time frames.

The only disappointing thing about this
service is that their customer service is
pretty slow to respond. The support
team can be reached through e-mail.

Forex Trendy costs only 37$ quarterly.
The payment can be made through
PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and other
e-wallets supported by the platform.

This software even has a 60 day money
back guarantee, at any time if you are
not happy with the product you will
get a refund, the refunds are processed
only if you apply for it within 60 days.

Forex Trendy Review Conclusion-

Forex Trendy is a very helpful tool for
traders regardless of their experience.
This software saves you a lot of time by
alerting you only when certain patterns
are formed so you don’t have to sit in
front of the computer all day long.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/13
Author Rating: 4/5

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