Rapid Trend Gainer Review

Rapid Trend Gainer is a forex signal
service which claims to generate
around 200-300 pips profit everyday.
While we were reviewing this service
we found many inconclusive factors
and non verifiable results which has
raised a lot of concerns. Read our
full review to find out why we
recommend everyone to use
extreme caution if you decide to try
out this software.

Rapid Trend Gainer Warning-

The creator behind this indicator is a
person known as Karl Dittman. There
is no information about him anywhere
on the internet except their website
because he is a fictitious entity. Karl
is a fake name and it is stated many
times in their previous disclaimers.The
lack of transparency raises more
suspicion about this service.

There is no assurance about the reliability
of the software. Rapid Trend Gainer does
not talk anything about how the signals
are generated, it just states that it uses a
secret algorithm. How can an investor put
their money at risk by following signals
generated by this service without knowing
the win rate and maximum draw down of
the trading system?

This service claims to profit at least 200-300
pips per day. This type of returns are
not only difficult to achieve but impossible
to deliver on a consistent basis. Ask
yourself if this software really generated
the type of profits as advertised why would
they offer it for a mere 87$?

This software sends signal alerts via email,
push notifications and a pop-up alert to
your computer. Rapid Trend Gainer is only
supported on MT4 platform.

Rapid Trend Gainer features a lot of
images showing massive pips gained.
However, those results are inconclusive
and not verifiable. This is apparently
done only to catch your attention.

The access to this software is supposedly
limited to only few people. This is an age
old trick used to pressurize customers to
sign up with them quickly by creating a
sense of urgency.

The support team of this platform can only
be reached through e-mail. They state
that they provide Email support 24/7.

A one time payment of 87$ is required
to gain access to this software. The
payment methods accepted are PayPal,
Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
There is a 60 day cash back guarantee
to this purchase.

Rapid Trend Gainer Review Conclusion-

Rapid Trend Gainer focuses more on
flaunting massive pip gains but does
not have a verifiable track record.
If you sign up with them use demo
account for a few days until you are
confident about the trading system.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/13
Author Rating: 2/5

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