Crypto Trend Rider Review

Crypto Trend Rider is a signal service which
claims to earn its users a steady stream of
profits ranging from 150-2300% with in few
short months. While we were investigating
this service we found many inconclusive
results and earning statements which has
raised a lot of questions among investors.
Read our full review to find out why we
suggest you use extreme caution while
using this software.

Crypto Trend Rider Scam Warning-

The creator behind this software is a person
known as Roger Pierce who also happens to
be the owner of AutoBinary Signals. There is
no picture of him provided anywhere on
their website. The anonymity maintained by
the creator raises more suspicion about this

Crypto Trend Rider does not talk much about
the signal generation process. We are told
that it uses 3 indicators namely Market
sentiment Gauge, Market momentum / Power
indicator and Price Reversal Predictor System.
The information provided does not inspire
much confidence into the trading system.

Crypto Trend Rider claims that anyone can
become a millionaire by following their
signals. This is not true as trading involves
much more things like money management,
patience, etc and signals only is not enough.
Apart from high income claims at the front
of their website they also feature a trade
result which shows a significant gains of
2,366% in just 56 days. High returns like
these are not only difficult to achieve but
impossible to deliver on a consistent basis.
Ask yourself if this software consistently
produced results as advertised why would
they offer it to the public for a mere 49$
a month?

If you encounter any problem on their
website you can reach the support team
of Crypto Trend Rider through e-mail.
There is even a news section on their
platform which ensures that you will be
kept up to date with all market movements
as and when they happen.

The subscription fees for this software is 49$
a month. The payment methods accepted
are Visa, MasterCard and popular e-wallets
like PayPal, etc. There is a 60 day cash back
guarantee with this product.

Crypto Trend Rider features a lot of
comments from their members where in
they praise about this service and explain
how this software helped them earn a
significant amount of money. Isn’t it
strange that there are only positive
reviews everywhere on their website?

Crypto Trend Rider Review Conclusion-

Crypto Trend Rider promises returns which
are highly unlikely. Use caution if you
decide to sign up with them.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/14
Author Rating: 2/5

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