Cryptocurrency Codex Review

Cryptocurrency Codex is an autotrader
which claims a success rate of over 96%
and states that on average it earns its
users a ROI of 759%. It is needless to
say that all these claims are not backed
up by any sort of credible proof. While
we were investigating their website
we found many outrageous income
claims and other misleading factors
which has raised a lot of concerns.
Read our full review to find out why
you should stay away from this
fraudulent software.

Cryptocurrency Codex Scam Warning-

The creator behind this software is an
entity known as Pat Kendrick. He
claims to be an Economics professor
and later changed his career to
become a trader. He states that he
has helped over 18,000 people to
become successful in trading. Despite
all this alleged success stories we were
unable to find any information about
him anywhere on the internet except
their website which makes us believe
that he is non-existent. The image is
probably just a cheap stock photo.

Cryptocurrency Codex does not talk
anything about how the signals are
generated by the software. We do
not know which indicators or
parameters it considers before
executing a trade. The only
information provided about the
reliability of the software is the
accuracy rate which they claim to be
around 96%. No software can be that
accurate as the volatility in the crypto
-space is huge which makes it
impossible to consistently deliver
these type of success rate.

Cryptocurrency Codex claims to
generate a minimum of 200% ROI
within 7 days. If you have any
experience in dealing with the
financial markets then you can
easily detect that it is a false claim.
Ask yourself if this software really
generated these type of returns
consistently with little to no risk
associated why would they offer it
to the public for a cheap price?

Cryptocurrency Codex features a lot
of comments form well known
personalities like Bill Gates, Mark Cuban
and other wealthy individual’s about
bitcoin in their promotional video.
However, note that they are not
connected with this software in any way.

The creator of this software Pat Kendrick
shows a lot of illustration about the
past price movements of the crypto
currencies and states that these were all
a perfect opportunity for trading.
Looking at the charts anyone can make
statements like these. There is no soft
of evidence to prove that he predicted
those movements before it happened.

The subscription fees for this software
is 47$ monthly. The payment methods
accepted by this platform are Visa,
MasterCard, PayPal and other e-wallet
methods. There is even a 60 day cash
back guarantee offered by this software.
If you face any problem regarding this
platform the support team can be
reached through e-mail.

Cryptocurrency Codex features a lot of
testimonies from the alleged early users
where in they explain how this software
helped them earn a lot of money. Do not
believe them as they are not from real
users, they all are just fake profiles.

Cryptocurrency Codex Review Conclusion-

Cryptocurrency Codex promises high yields
which are not only unrealistic but highly
unlikely. Use extreme caution if you ever
decide to try out this software.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/14
Author Rating: 1/5

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