Infinity Scalper Review

Infinity Scalper is a forex indicator
which claims to earn its users huge
profits from scalping. When we
were investigating this service we
found many misleading and
inconclusive factors which has raised
a lot of concerns. Read our full review
to find out the why we recommend
extreme caution if you decide to try
out this indicator.

Infinity Scalper Warning-

The creator behind this indicator is a
person known as Karl Dittman. There
is no information about him anywhere
on the internet except their website
because he is a fictitious entity. Karl
is a fake name and it is stated in their
disclaimer. The lack of transparency
raises more suspicion about this service.

Infinity Scalper does not talk anything
about how the signals are generated.
We do not know which parameters
have to be met for the trades to be
triggered. The win rate of the
indicator is not mentioned anywhere
on their website. This indicator is
compatible with MT4 platform only.

Infinity Scalper features a lot of trade
results on their website which shows
massive pips gained. However, note
that these trades were never actually
executed. High profit claims are used
to catch your attention and convince
you that it is easy to profit with this
indicator. Ask yourself why would they
put up fake results unless they are
deliberately trying to hide something
from us?

Infinity Scalper sends alerts to the users
through e-mail, popup alert and push
notifications. If you encounter any
problems on the platform the support
team can be reached through e-mail.

Infinity Scalper features a lot of
screenshots of e-mails sent from the
alleged early users where in they praise
this software and explain how this
software helped them gain consistent
returns. Isn’t it fishy that all the
comments are positive?

Infinity Scalper states that the access to
this indicator is limited to only few
people. This is an old marketing trick
used to pressurize investors to sign up
with them quickly by creating a sense
of urgency.

Infinity Scalper comes with a price tag
of 87$. The payment methods accepted
by this platform are PayPal, Visa,
MasterCard, American Express and
Discover. The purchase even carries a
60 day cash back guarantee.

Infinity Scalper Review Conclusion-

Infinity Scalper claims to generate easy
profits but is not backed up by any sort
of credible proof. Use extreme caution
if you decide to try out this software.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/16
Author Rating: 2/5

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