1000 Pip Builder Review

1000 Pip Builder (1000PipBuilder.com)
is a forex signal service which boasts of
the transparency and investment
experience of their service. While we
were investigating this service we
found many inconclusive factors which
raises a lot of question about this
platform. Read our full review to find
out why we recommend extreme
caution while dealing with this service.

1000 Pip Builder Warning-

The only verifiable information we
could find about this service is that it
operates under the name Fair Trading
-Ltd which is operated by a UK based
corporation filed under corporate
number 09181896. It has a registered
office address of Hedge rose, Horwood,
Bide ford, Devon, EX39 4PE.

The main leader of the signal service
is an entity known as Bob who also
claims to be an investment
professional who have advised
clients from all over the world.
There is no picture of him anywhere
on their website. We are unable to
confirm Bob as an existing entity.
The only way to contact this person
is through the email address of

1000 Pip Builder being a signal service
does not state which analysis it
primarily uses for signal generation
process. We are not told whether it
gives more importance to fundamental
analysis or technical analysis. There is
no assurance about the reliability of
the signals. Note that you need to
have your own money management
principles when using this signal
service. 1000 Pip Builder delivers
signals via email and SMS. How can an
investor trust this platform without
knowing the trading system it follows?

1000 Pip Builder boasts of being
completely transparent about their
service and recent trading portfolio
history. However, when we searched
it appears to not have been updated
since 2016.

1000 Pip Builder claims to have
generated over 6000 pips in profit
over the past 18 months. There is
no sort of credible proof to support
their claims apart from the user
testimonials which lack images,
meaning that we are unable to
verify the user profiles.

1000 Pip Builder has no educational
outlet on their website. If you face
any problem on their platform the
support team can be reached
through email.

1000 Pip Builder comes with a price
tag of 97$ monthly. There is even a
cash back guarantee but before you
make the purchase read the terms
and conditions carefully.

1000 Pip Builder features a lot of
user testimonies where in the
members explain how this software
helped them to become profitable.
Isn’t it strange that all the
testimonies are favorable towards
them and the users images are
never revealed? Make your own

1000 Pip Builder Review Conclusion-

1000 Pip Builder is not a reliable
investment service. The lack of
transparency is the main reason
for debunking this platform.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/17
Author Rating: 1/5

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