Fibo Quantum Review

Fibo Quantum( is a forex indicator which claims to earn its users a lot of pips by letting them know when to enter and exit the trades. While we were investigating this service we found many inconclusive factors which raises a lot of questions. Read our full review to find out why we recommend extreme caution if you ever decide to buy this indicator?

Fibo Quantum Scam Warning-

The creator behind this indicator is an entity known as Karl Dittmann. He claims to be a successful day trader who earned a significant amount of money and now his aim is to help other get profitable through trading. We were not able to find any sort of credible proof to support his claims. Furthermore, Karl Dittman is a fake name and it is clearly stated in the website disclaimer. The lack of transparency makes us more suspicious about their service.
Fibo Quantum states that it uses Fibonacci method for the signal generation process. Even though Fibonacci is a good tool which reveals certain key price levels, it is not a complete trading method. There is no assurance about the reliability of the software. How can an investor rely on this indicator without knowing the win rate and draw downs of the trading system?

The users have the option to switch between 3 modes of signal frequency. Depending up on you trading style and risk appetite the users have to choose a mode they are comfortable with. There is an extra option where in the users can set the frequency of the signals. To be on the safer side test out the signals on demo account first.

Fibo Quantum features a lot of pictures of profitable trades generated by using this indicator. However, impressive that might be note that these trades were actually never executed. Ask yourself why they would put those images showing profits which in reality never took place in real time unless they are deliberately trying to hide something from us?

The signal alerts are sent through email, popup alert and push notifications. The users do not have to be glued to the computer screen as they are alerted whenever a treading opportunity arises. This indicator is compatible with MT4 only.

There is no educational outlet on their website apart from few manuals and hand book you might get. If you face any problem on their website the only way to contact support team is through email.

The payment methods accepted on their website are PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There is a 30 days cash back guarantee with the purchase of this indicator.

Fibo Quantum Review Conclusion-

Fibo Quantum lack a verifiable track record. We recommend everyone to use extreme caution while dealing with this service.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/05/22
Author Rating: 1/5

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