Hourly Tokens Review

Hourly Tokens (hourly-tokens.com) is a ponzi type high yield investment program which offers returns up to 18% hourly. They do not have a credible proof of being profitable in trading, moreover there is no evidence to support their claims. Their website looks pretty convincing to the untrained eyes of the newbie investors. When we were investigating this service we encountered a lot of fraudulent claims which makes us believe this platform is nothing but a ponzi scam. Read our full review to know all the shady tactics they use to attract investors and why you should ever give them a chance to run away with your money.

Hourly Tokens Scam Warning-

Anonymity and lack of transparency are the two things present in every scam. There is no information about the person who built this platform. Faceless scammers like these maintain anonymity to avoid criminal prosecution. Always remember trust and transparency are the core of every business, if they don’t have these two qualities they are most likely to be a scam.

Hourly Tokens provides their users investment packages and advises. These two activities require the firm to be regulated by certain authorities depending up on their geographical location. While we were trying to find any certificates confirming licenses this firm should lawfully hold, we could not find any. We have confirmed through FCA Hourly Tokens has never been licensed which means they are raising money from investors for trading activities illegally.

Hourly Tokens states that it is actively trading stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies. There is a lot of difference in terms of volatility and general nature between the above stated asset classes. Claiming to be active in all type of markets are a trait of a scam used to capture attention and lure in all type of investors.

There are 4 investment packages to choose from on this platform offering returns up to 18% per hour. It is not only unethical to state any type of returns but it is also impossible to deliver these type of returns on a consistent basis. Earning without doing anything sounds very enticing but unfortunately that is not the way the world works. This platform targets users who are new to the online investing world and lures them in by offering plans which are too good to be true but ultimately runs away with their money. Ask yourself if this firm could really generated the type of returns as advertised with little to no risk why would they offer it to the public for a minimal cost?

Hourly Tokens do not answer the basic question which every investor will have. First of all we do not know which trading system it follows or the risk protocols it has in place. We have absolutely no clue about the money management aspect of trading. There is no verifiable track record of this firm to show that they are profitable. Also we have no idea how the funds raised are utilized or allocated. The above facts logically leads to only one conclusion either they do not know anything about trading or they expect us to be dumb enough to trust them with our money without getting answers to the basic questions.

If anyone encounters any kind of problem with this platform, the only way to reach customer support team is through email. What kind of investment firm operates without a dedicated support team in place?

The investment packages range from $1 to $150. For higher returns investors are asked to increase their initial investment. The deposit and withdrawal methods supported by this platform are Bitcoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer.

Hourly Tokens has similar characteristics to that of a ponzi scheme. They might pay its clients in the beginning but don’t be fooled by that, the money is coming from new registrations meaning the money raised from new investor is used to pay the earlier clients. As you might have already guessed this model can’t last for long.

The affiliates promoting this scam are not only getting good incentives but they also provide them with free marketing tolls also. At the end of the day the only losers are those who have invested into this platform.

Hourly Tokens Review Conclusion-

Hourly Tokens makes money through the registrations and other affiliated services. They are not at all a reliable investment platform. Avoid any kind of interaction with this firm.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/06/24
Author Rating: 1/5
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