BitPayInv Review

BitPayInv ( is a high yield investment program which claims to yield returns of up to 2,560% after 31 days. It is needless to say that we are looking at a scam which has nothing but empty promises to offer. Any person who has traded before in his life can easily recognize all the misleading facts put up on their website. Furthermore, this platform has gone viral and has already scammed a lot of investors. Read our full review to find out why you should never indulge with this phony scam in any way.

BitPayInv Scam Warning-

There is no information about the creators behind this platform. These faceless scammers have maintained complete anonymity just to save themselves from criminal prosecution. Always remember the offers which are too good to be true along with lack of transparency exhibited by the firm are the common traits seen in most of the scams. Any reputable business takes pride in putting a face with their brand unlike these scam artist who hide behind a fake pseudo name.

BitPayInv offers investment services to their clients which requires them to be regulated by certain authorities depending up on their geographical location. While we were trying to validate their operation, we were not able to find any certificates confirming licenses they must lawfully hold. We have confirmed through FCA BitPayInv Limited has never been licensed which means they have no right to raise money from public for trading activities and they are operating illegally.

This firm is least bothered about explaining how the funds are allocated or utilized? They do not provide any information about the strategies they employ and extensive portfolios they focus on. We do not know which parameters are considered before entering a trade and we have absolutely no clue about the risk management protocols they have in place in case a market crash happens. There is no performance report showing the win rate and draw downs of this firm over the years. In fact there is no proof to even say that they are profitable. How can they expect the investors to trust this firm with their funds without knowing the basic way the firm operates?

Who in the world does not like to earn boat loads of money? But sadly that is not the way the world works. BitPayInv advertises returns of up to 2,560% after 31 days. Results like these are impossible to achieve on a consistent basis and it is more than what legitimate platforms can ever offer. High return claims are an effective trick used by scams to attract newbie investors and convince them into depositing with them. Ask yourself if this was a legitimate platform generating the type of returns as advertised why would they offer it to the public?

If the investor want to contact the support team of this firm for any reason, the only way to reach them is through email. Isn’t it funny despite the bold claims made by this firm, they are unable to provide telephone assistance to their clients.

There are 6 investment plans on this software. For higher returns the users have to increase the initial investment and have to wait longer. The basic plan starts at $10 and goes up to $50,000. The deposit and withdrawal methods supported by this platform are Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash. The time taken for processing the withdrawals is not stated anywhere on their website.

BitPayInv features characteristics similar to the much hated ponzi scheme. This firm might even pay some of the members in the beginning but don’t be fooled by that and never invest more money that you can afford to lose. The affiliates promoting this scam are paid a flat 5% of deposits made by their referrals, this is one of the main reasons you will find positive review about them on the internet because some bloggers are paid to write in favor of them.

BitPayInv Review Conclusion-

BitPayInv is an obvious ponzi scam you do not want to mess with. Don’t ever give them a chance to run away with your money.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/06/25
Author Rating: 1/5
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