MiningCoinPlus Review

MiningCoinPlus ( is an automated mining and investment platform which is becoming quite popular. It claims to yield returns of up to 15% per week. There is no sort of document showing their trading history and portfolio returns, they do not disclose any mining capabilities either. When we were investigating this service we encountered a lot of inconclusive facts and confusing information about the way this firm operates. Read our full review to find out why you should use extreme caution while dealing with this service.

MiningCoinPlus Warning-

There is no information about the developers or creators behind this platform. The lack of clarity and the level of mysteriousness surrounding this firm makes us feel uncomfortable about interacting with this platform in any way. If this firm really offer the type of returns as advertised, why are they maintaining anonymity?

MiningCoinPlus states that it is not only mining Cryptocurrencies but also actively trading them. Claiming to do a lot of things with no auditory records is a sign of a fraudulent platform which is used to catch the attention of all type of investors.

MiningCoinPlus offers investment packages and in some ways represent an ICO. They raise funds from investors for trading and mining activities, in return the investors are promised a fixed amount of money. This type of activities require special licence to operate. We were unable to verify whether this firm has been licensed or not because the official name of the company is not revealed anywhere on their website. So we recommend all our readers to avoid any kind of dealing with this platform.

This website displays a lot of comments about Bitcoin from well known personalities. They are not recommending this platform in any way. This might be done just to earn the trust of the potential clients.

MiningCoinPlus does not talk about how they allocate funds raised from the investors. We do not know which trading strategy this firm follows. We are not told which key parameters have to be met in order for the firm to initiate a position and there is absolutely no information regarding the risk parameters followed by this platform. The win rate and draw down of their trading system is not stated anywhere on their website. What kind of investment firm doesn’t provide some information regarding the basic question which every investor will have?

This platform advertises returns of up to 15% weekly. Though the numbers might seem believable, it is very hard to sustain these type of returns and it is unethical to guarantee any type of returns. Who in the world does not like to earn money without doing anything but unfortunately a lot of inexperienced investors fall for the HYIP scams like these which promises them huge returns within weeks or even days. If this platform really generated the type of returns as advertised with little to no risk associated why would they offer it to the public for a minimal cost?

The support team of MiningCoinPlus can be reached through email. We were unable to find any telephone number of the main office.

The basic investment plan on this platform starts at $100 and tops out at $5,000. For higher returns, the investors have to choose expensive plans. We do not know how long it takes for the withdrawals to get processed.

MiningCoinPlus encourages its existing users to bring in more people by providing them with huge incentives. There are various levels and schemes the affiliates operate under. Their commissions depends on the their current tier level. By looking at the way this firm works, we suspect it to be a ponzi scheme wherein the old investors are paid by the amount raised by new registrations but eventually this system will collapse.

MiningCoinPlus Review Conclusion-

MiningCoinPlus is not the most transparent firm operating in Crypto industry. If you ever decide to buy any plans from this platform, we suggest everyone to use extreme caution while dealing with them.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/06/25
Author Rating: 2/5
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