EthralBit Review

EthralBit ( is supposedly an innovative Crypto currency and forex trading solution which boasts of yielding up to 145% return on investment after just 15 days. These numbers might sound believable but don’t be fooled by that because it is impossible to sustain these type of returns. This service has been round for just over one month as of writing the post, within this short while many investors were scammed by this firm. While we took a closer look at this service, it was evident that we are dealing with a ponzi scheme. Read our full review to find out why you should never mess with this fraudulent service.

EthralBit Scam Warning-

Have you ever encountered an investment who does not reveal the face behind their organisation? These faceless scammers have maintained anonymity just to avoid criminal prosecution. The lack of clarity around this firm is not only strange but also very disturbing.

Whenever a company decides to raise money for investment purposes from the general public, it has to be regulated by certain authorities depending upon their geographical location. This firm represents an ICO wherein the investors have to pay a certain amount of money and in return they are promised a fixed predetermined monetary benefits. While we were trying to validate this firm’s operations, we couldn’t find any certificates confirming licenses they must lawfully hold. We have confirmed through FCA Ethral Bit Limited has never been licensed which means that they are raising money from their clients illegally.

EthralBit claims to be active in both forex and cryptocurrency market. This is an old trick seen in many scams, they features a wide range of investable assets to lure in all type of investors. Moreover they have no verifiable track record revealing the win rate and draw downs of the trading activities carried out during the financial year across various portfolios.

Every investor will expect some basic answers regarding how their funds will be allocated and utilized. These scammers do not care to provide any information about the trading system it supposedly follows and the risk management techniques it employs. There is no sort of assurance about the reliability of their software. Do they think the investors are dumb enough to trust them with their funds without asking certain basic aspects. Trading through this firm is just like taking a shot in the dark with your money which is nothing more than gambling.

Everyone likes to earn money without having to do anything but unfortunately there is no such thing as free lunch in this world. This platform specifically targets new and inexperienced investors by advertising returns of up to 145% after just 15 days. At this rate anyone can become a millionaire within a year. Honestly these returns are not so bizarre as we have seen in some other scams but nonetheless it is also a lie. Ask yourself if this platform really generated they type of returns as advertised with little to no risk involved why would they offer it to the public for free?

Most of the reputable investment platforms provide their users with a demo account so that they get to know the platform and trading strategies employed by them without risking any real money. EthralBit does not offer a demo account. Literally there is no way fro you to test out this platform without putting your money at risk.

If the users want to get in touch with EthralBit support team for any reason, they can be reached through email and telephone.

This platform features 5 investment plans wherein for higher returns investors have to ramp up their starting deposit. The minimum amount required to be an active investor on this platform is $10 and the maximum deposit accepted is $100,000. The deposit and withdrawal methods accepted by this platform are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash. They state that the withdrawals are processed within 12 business hours.

The marketers and affiliates promoting this phony platform are paid a percentage of deposits made by their referrals. Like most of the fraudulent investments their main motive is to make as much money as possible through registration before they get shut down. Never go all in with this platform because the chances of you making money is slim to none.

EthralBit Review Conclusion-

EthralBit is just a ponzi scheme which eventually run away with your money. Avoid any kind of interaction involving this firm.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/06/26
Author Rating: 1/5
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