BitSector is an online investment opportunity which claims to generate guaranteed returns of up to 330% with no risk associated. This platform is an obvious scam which has been around around 2 months as of writing this article. Within this short while, it has scammed thousands of investors out of their hard earned money. Read our full review to find out why you should never give this fraudulent firm a chance to run away with your money.

BitSector Company and Contact Details-

There is no direct contact information about the creators behind this platform. As we have seen in most of the fraudulent platform they either keep a fake alias or maintain anonymity. These faceless scammers very well know the fact that they will have to face prison time for carrying out illegal operations so they avoid putting out any type of information which may reveal their identity.

BitSector offers investment advice and packages which requires them to be regulated by certain authorities depending up on their geographical location. They raise money from the investors and in return they promise them monetary benefits which are predetermined and agreed by both the parties. BitSector features some type of registration document on their website but while we were trying to find any certificates confirming licenses they must lawfully hold, we could not find any. We have confirmed through FCA BitSector Limited has never been licensed thereby they are operating illegally.

If the investors have any kind of assistance on their platform, the support team can be reached only through email only.

How BitSector Handle Investments?

We have no idea. This firm does not state anything about how the funds are allocated. There is no verifiable trading records to prove that they are profitable. They do not provide much information about how the signals are generated and the money management techniques followed by them. We are only told that their group consists of experienced investment managers and technical engineers. No one is dumb enough to trust this firm with their funds without knowing the basic parameters it follows with regards to trading.

Most of the legitimate platforms offers demo account to their users so that they can familiarize themselves with the platform and trading system without risking any money. This platform does not feature a demo account. How are the users supposed to gauge the profitability of this system without any type of demo or money back guarantee?

What type of Returns does this Platform Offer?

BitSector offers packages ranging from 10% daily returns to 330% returns after 20 days. For higher returns the investors have to select the costlier plans. It is needless to say that these type of returns are not only unrealistic but impossible to deliver on a consistent basis. On top of all these ridiculous claims they also state that investing through their platform is risk free which is nothing but a lie.

Everyone dreams of earning money without putting any efforts but ask yourself if this platform could really generate the type of returns as advertised with no risk involved why would they offer it to the public for a minimal fees?

Deposits and Withdrawals-

A minimum amount of 0.001 BTC is required in order to get started with this platform. The maximum limit for both the deposits and withdrawals is 100 BTC. They state that the withdrawals are usually processed instantly.


BitSector runs an affiliate platform and provides huge incentives for any one promoting their platform. The commission ranges from 5% and offers tier 2 also. Their main goal is to make as much money as possible from registration before they get shut down and run away at your expense.

BitSector Review Conclusion-

BitSector is a fraudulent ponzi scheme which is operating in an illegal manner. Though their website appears simple and elegant to the untrained eye, never give these faceless scammers a chance to run away with your money.

Reviewer: John
Review Date: 2018/06/28
Author Rating: 1/5
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