Bizmok Review

Bizmok ( is an investment platform which claims to completely eradicate all your financial needs by making you a consistent stream of income. This firm offers a fixed returns of 2.2% daily. At first glance their website is very simple and straight forward but remember looks can be deceiving.

While we took a close look at this service, we were convinced that it is fraudulent program which will eventually run away with all your money.

Continue reading our comprehensive review to find out why you should never trust these faceless scammers. - Scam Review

Company and Contact Details

Every reputable investment firm maintains total transparency as it acts as a credibility boosting factor but these criminals have maintained anonymous profile. The sole reason behind their anonymity is to avoid spending time in prison for all the illegal activities they are indulged with.

Will you entrust an unknown person to handle your funds?

Bizmok represents an ICO, this firm basically raise money from general public for trading and allied activities and in return promise them a fixed monetary benefits. Since this firm does not disclose any of the registration and incorporation details on their website, it is safe to assume that they are operating illegally.

If you encounter any kind of problem on this platform then guess what? There is nothing you can do about it. There is no telephone or email assistance provided by them. There is no way a reputable firm will ever operate without a dedicated support staff to address the needs of the clients.

These scam artists are least bothered about providing any type of services after taking your money.

How does Bizmok Work?

This firm states that they are actively involved in trading the forex market but fails to provide the names of the so called investment experts and fund managers handling the funds. We do not know which indicators or parameters are considered by this firm before entering a trade.

There is no information about the other crucial aspects of trading such as money management methods and risk management techniques. The level of mysteriousness surrounding this firm is very disturbing indeed.

Despite our warning if you invest with this firm say goodbye to your money because there is no way you are getting it back.

What kind of Profits does Bizmok advertise?

This platform has only one investment plan wherein it offers a daily return of 2.2% but to make a withdrawal you have to wait for 2000 days. It all adds up to a staggering 4,400% which is not only difficult to achieve but also highly unlikely.

Generating profits consistently requires a lot of effort and dedication, there is no magic button which will help your account grow.

If this platform could really generate the type of returns as advertised, do you really think they would offer it for free?

Affiliate Program

To reach more people quickly, this firm encourages its existing users to refer more people to their platform. The affiliates are heavily rewarded whenever their referrals make a deposit.

Note that the affiliates do not have to be an active investor in order to collect their commissions.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The only deposit and withdrawal method accepted by this platform is PerfectMoney. Before you send your money to them remember that transactions can’t be reversed.

The time taken for processing withdrawals is around 24 hours.

Domain Insight

According to this domain was registered on 20/06/2018 and expires exactly after one year.

This website ranks 309,127 in India and has a global rank of 3,254,555 according to

This website specifically targets users from India, Pakistan and Russia.

Is Bizmok a Scam?


If this platform was really legitimate why wouldn’t they provide a demo account to its users so that they can test out this platform before making a deposit, these criminals are literally filling their pockets with the clients money.

Bizmok Review Conclusion

Bizmok is a not reliable by any means and should be avoided at any cost. Never trust any of the easy money claims on the internet.

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