200Dailyprofit.com Review

200Dailyprofit.com is a crypto currency investment firm which supposedly generates returns of up to 1350% after 20 days. It is needless to say that, this platform is nothing but a ponzi scam. One look at this service was enough for us to find out all the highly misleading information sprinkled all around their website.

This service has been operational for less than a month as of writing this review, within this short time has scammed a lot of people.

Read our unbiased review to find out all the disturbing facts found on this fake investment platform which will disappear with your money.

200Dailyprofit.com - Scam Review

Company and Support

Every investment firm operating in the United Kingdom has to be authorized by FCA. While we were trying to find any licenses this firm should lawfully hold, there weren’t any.

We have confirmed through FCA 200Dailyprofit Limited has never been licensed which means they have no right to raise money from general public for investment and allied activities.

To appear legitimate in front of the investors, this firm has put up some kind of registration document on their website. Here are some details put up on their website

Address – 27 Hill Street, London, England, W1J 5LP.

The only contact detail provided on this website is an email address.

Email – admin@200dailyprofit.com

If you run into any problem on this platform, the only way to reach support team is through email. Isn’t it strange for a firm which boasts of generating returns of 1350% do not have a dedicated support staff in place to address the problems of the clients. These criminals do not care about anything except your money.

What does 200Dailyprofit with the funds?

200Dailyprofit claims to provide a way to earn consistent returns for the people who does not have a strategy to profit from the markets or just does not have enough time to dedicate for trading. This firm states to be actively trading bitcoin. There is no information about how the funds are allocated and utilized.

We are not told which indicators of fundamental events creates a trading bias according to their system. There is no assurance about their trading algorithm. The lack of clarity is very bothering to say at the least.

Any rational investor will never entrust this firm with their money.

Returns offered by 200Dailyprofit.com

Looking at the returns offered by this firm, anyone can become a millionaire within months but unfortunately it is impossible to deliver these type of returns consistently. By featuring high return claims they are just attempting to lure in inexperienced investors.

Ask yourself if this platform really generated these type of returns with little to no risk associated why would they offer it for free?

Here are the details of the investment packages offered by this platform

Plan 1

150% After 1 Day

Accrual of Interest – 50%

Minimum Depsoit – $5

Plan 2

450% After 5 Days

Accrual of Interest – 350%

Minimum Depsoit – $5

Plan 3

1350% After 20 Days

Accrual of Interest – 1250%

Minimum Deposit – $5

Affiliate Program

200Dailyprofit.com - Affiliate Program

The primary motive of scam investment service like these is to earn as much as possible from registrations before they run away at your expense. To reach more people, they provide huge incentives to anyone who refer more people on to their platform. The affiliates are a paid 8% of the deposit amount made by their clients. It is no compulsory for the affiliate to have an active deposit in order to get their commissions.

Domain Insight

According to whois.com this domain was registered on 16/06/2018 and expires exactly after one year.

This website has a global rank of 2,323,093 and it ranks 23,450 in Philippines.

Majority of the traffic coming to this website are from Philippines, India, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The deposit and withdrawal methods accepted by this platform are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.

They state that the withdrawals are processed instantly.

Can I Trust 200Dailyprofit.com?

No way

There isn’t a single factor on their platform which acts as a credibility boosting factor. This platform features similar characteristics to the much hated ponzi scheme which might start out by paying some clients but ultimately they can’t last for long.

200Dailyprofit.com Review Conclusion

Returns offered by 200Dailyprofit are too good to be true. Never believe any of the seemingly easy money claims on the internet, while it is possible to make money online do not except to become rich overnight.

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If you have any experience with 200Dailyprofit.com, share your opinion by Commenting below.

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