Fasaba.biz Review

Fasaba.biz claims to be an ultimate solution for all your financial worries. This firm offers returns of up to 8% per day on complete autopilot.

These so called financial asset managers supposedly have a high winning percent with good money management techniques which ensures that your funds are in safe hands. Before you start dreaming about raking in thousands of dollars everyday, let me tell you all of that claims are fake.

While we took a closer look at this service, there were only misleading information sprinkled all across this website.

Read our full review to find out everything you need to know about this fraudulent platform which will eventually run away with your hard earned money.

Fasaba.biz - Scam Review

Creator, Company and Contact Detail

Most of the investment firms features the details of the traders and portfolio managers on their website in order to maintain transparency but this firm haven’t put a single detail about the creators behind this platform.

The only reason why these faceless criminals are maintaining anonymity is to avoid criminal prosecution.

Any firm which provides financial services are required to be regulated in order to operate lawfully. Fasaba.biz represents an ICO wherein the money required for investing and allied activities are raised from investors and in return they are promised a fixed amount of money after certain period of time.

Since this firm does not put any details about the registration or certificates, it is evident that they are operating illegally. These criminals are literally filling their pockets with the investor’s money.

If you have any queries or need any sort of assistance forget it. There is no dedicated support staff to address your problems. The only way to reach the so called support team is through the contact form provided on their website.

These crooks does not care about providing any sort of service to enhance user satisfaction.

How does Fasaba.biz Work?

This firm states to be actively involved in equity and credit securities but fails to provide much details about that. We do not know any of the parameters which creates a directional bias.

There isn’t any information about other important factors of trading such as money management and risk management.

Trusting this firm with your money is just like gambling, you will never know what might be the result and there is nothing which gives you an edge.

What kind of profits does Fasaba.biz offer?

Taking a look at the type of returns this firm promises looks like you can quit your day jobs within a month but sadly all of the claims on this platform are fake. High return claims are just an effective trick used to lure in newbie investors.

Here are the details about the investment plans offered by this platform:

Plan 1

Returns – 0.8% per day

Min. Deposit – $5

Max. Deposit – $250

Plan 2

Returns – 1.2% per day

Min. Deposit – $250

Max. Deposit – $1000

Plan 3

Returns – 2% per day

Min. Deposit – $1000

Max. Deposit – $5000

Plan 4

Returns – 3% per day

Min. Deposit – $5000

Max. Deposit – $25000

Plan 5

Returns – 5% per day

Min. Deposit – $25000

Max. Deposit – $100000

Plan 6

Returns – 8% per day

Deposit – More than $100000

Affiliate Program

Similar to most of the investment scams, the primary motive of this firm is to earn as much as they can through registrations before they get shut down and disappear with your money.

In order to reach more people quickly they give high incentives to anyone who promotes their platform.
The affiliates who get 10% of the deposits made by their clients. This firm also provides the affiliates with the promotional tools required for effective monetization of the traffic.

Fasaba.biz - Affiliate Program

Note that the affiliates do not have to bean active investor to collect their fat commissions.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The deposit and withdrawal methods supported by this platform are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoincash, Ethereum, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash. Since this website has no FAQ section, we do not know whether there are any fees applicable on transactions.

The time taken for processing withdrawals is 12 hours.

Domain Popularity

According to whois.com this domain was registered on 04/04/2018 and expires on 04/04/2020.

This website has a global rank of 1,202,256 and it ranks 154,959 according to alexa.com.

The majority of the traffic to this website are coming from India, Taiwan, Russia, Bangladesh and Ukraine. This website is being promoted heavily by HYIP monitoring websites.

Can I trust Fasaba.biz?

No Way,

First of all there narration is very vague and there is no information about the actual creators. After going through all the information put up on their website, there isn’t a single factor which makes them seem trustworthy.

If you ever invest into this platform despite our warning say goodbye to your money.

Fasaba.biz Review Conclusion

Fasaba.biz is clearly a ponzi scheme which is designed to lure in newbie investors by promising them huge returns but ultimately run away with their funds. They do pay every once in a while but understand the fact that no legitimate service will ever offer these kind of returns and these scammers are only doing so to instill trust among the investors.

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If you have any experience with Fasaba.biz, share your opinions and views by commenting below.

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