Review is an all in one Crypto solution which supposedly offers guaranteed returns by trading and mining cryptocurrencies. This firm boasts of generating returns of up to 12% daily but unfortunately there is no auditory records or verifiable trading history to support their stories.

When we were investigating this platform, we found a lot of fake claims, misleading facts and disturbing things which proves that, this platform is indeed a scam designed to loot new and inexperienced investors.

This firm has been active for around 4 months as of publishing this review and within this short while has earned itself a bad reputation.

If you are considering to open an account with them, read our comprehensive review to find out why we suggest all our readers not to send money to these faceless scammers.

Bitsigma.ioScam - Review

Company and Support

Firms which provides retail guys with investment opportunities of any sort have to be regulated in order to operate lawfully. represents an ICO wherein the money is raised from the general public for trading and mining purposes, in returns the investors are promised a fixed sum after predetermined time period.

While we were trying to validate their service, we weren’t able to find any licenses they must lawfully possess. We have confirmed through FCA Bitsigma Limited has never been licensed thereby operating illegally.

To appear genuine and legitimate in front of the investor, these scammers have featured some type of registration document on their website. Remember just because they are registered does not mean that they are authorized to raise money from the investors.

Here are some of the contact details put up by them:

28 Clerkenwell Close, Greater London, UK, EC1R 0AD.

Email –

Telephone – +441854280006

The support team of this firm can be reached through a contact form provided on their website.

How does Work?

This firm state that it is involved in Crypto trading and mining but does not provide any type of auditory records to prove that they are profitable. The mining capabilities are not revealed and the details about where the mining firms are situated is no started.

We do not know which trading system they follow and there is no information about the portfolio managers working in this firm. We are not told about any risk management techniques it employs.

Seems like these crooks are not bothered about providing any type of details.

What profits does offer?

Do you like to become a millionaire without doing anything? Of course you would. There isn’t any person who does not like to earn money without doing anything but stop and think for a second, is it really possible?

If this platform really could generate the type of returns as advertised why are they offering it to the public for free?

Here are the details about the investment plans offered by this firm:

Plan 1

5% per day

Min. Deposit – 0.002 BTC

Max. Deposit – 0.5 BTC

Plan 2

9% per day

Min. Deposit – 0.55 BTC

Max. Deposit – 2 BTC

Plan 3

12% per day

Min. Deposit – 2.1 BTC

Max. Deposit – 500 BTC - Calculator

According to the profit calculator if you invest 1 BTC you will get 0.10 BTC daily. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Referral Program

These fraudsters have only one motive which is to earn maximum amount of cash before they wind up. So to reach more people quickly, they offer high incentives to any individual who promote their platform. - Referral Program

The affiliates are paid up to 7% of the investments they bring in. This platform offers tier 2 income also. This firm features a bounty program wherein regardless of what type of traffic you have i.e social media or search engine, they offer monetization methods for all of the outlets.

It is not compulsory for the affiliates to have have an active deposit in order to collect their rewards.


According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 15/03/2018 and it expires exactly after one year.

This website ranks 1,447 in Papua New Guinea and has a global rank of 121,366 according to

The majority of the users coming to this website are from Papua New Guinea, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia and Turkey.

This website is using ad networking websites like and to reach more people.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount on this platform is 0.002 BTC. The only payment method accepted by this platform is Bitcoin. There are no fees associated with withdrawals.

The time taken for processing withdrawals is 24 business hours but they state that sometimes it might take longer.

Can I trust


Despite the capital size and trading method you select, it is impossible to eliminate risk from trading. Risk free claims is just an effective trick used to click-bait the newbie investors and convince them to deposit with them.

If they are so confident about their approach why don’t they offer a demo account so that the investors can see the type of results it generates in real time? Review Conclusion is a scam and they are not at all involved with any mining or trading activity. This platform is a ponzi scheme which pays a few investors every once in a while but ultimately one fine day they will disappear with all your funds. Do not believe anything these scammers say.

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