Review is a bitcoin investment solution which is said to generate returns of around 13% per day.  This firm has been active for around 3 months as of writing this review.

As we anticipated there is no proof to support any of their claims which means all they have to offer is empty promises.  The actual creators behind this platform have maintained complete anonymity and while we were investigating this service the lack of transparency are beyond the acceptable limits.  

Read our full review to find out why you should never indulge with this fake investment service. - Scam Review

License and Contact Details

There are literally thousands of scams out there and the regulatory authorities are trying their best to eliminate this plague by enforcing strict rules on firms which provide financial services. is an ICO which uses funds raised from the general public for trading purposes and in return the investors are promised certain dollar figure depending upon the type of contract accepted by both the parties.  While we were trying validate their offerings, we couldn’t find any licenses they must lawfully hold.

Since this firm also have failed to put up any registration details, most probably they are operating illegally.  

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Address – 8 Brackenbury road, W6 0BE London.

Email –

Phone – +442035149394

How does Work?

This firm is supposedly involved in trading cryptocurrencies.  Apart from this single piece of information, there is no information on how they utilize the funds or allocate them.  

We do not have the slightest idea of what factors or parameters creates the trading bias and the type of money management technique.  Looking at the lack of information any person who have the basic idea about how markets work will never trust this firm.

Basically they are just asking for your money without providing any sort of proof that they are profitable or genuine.

Returns Promised

Bitcoin is perhaps the most hyped asset of the decade.  The price speculation and the type of volatility it has is unlike any other markets have ever seen.  

The masses still seems to think that anything involving bitcoin is going to make them rich which is not true at all.  These scammers exploit the lack of knowledge of inexperienced investors to make money.

Here are the complete details about the investment plans advertised by this firm:

Plan 1

Returns – 9% Daily

Duration – 20 Days

Minimum Withdrawal – 0.001 BTC

Plan 2

Returns – 11% Daily

Duration – 30 Days

Minimum Withdrawal – 2.001 BTC

Plan 3

Returns – 13% Daily

Duration – 40 Days

Minimum Withdrawal – 10.001 BTC

Affiliate Program

The revenue earned by a ponzi scheme depends on their ability to find enough victims for their scheme.  The affiliates promoting this platform are paid certain percentage of cumulative deposits made by their clients. - Referral Program

Like most of the fraudulent investments their main goal is to maximise their revenue and they are ready to go to extreme lengths to achieve their targets.  Note that the affiliates do not need to have an active deposit in order to get their payments.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The only mode of payment accepted by this platform is Bitcoin.  The minimum spend is 0.001 BTC. We do not know whether there is any transaction fees applicable on deposit and withdrawals.  The withdrawals are said to be processed instantly.


According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 09/05/2018 and it expires on 09/05/2019.

This service claims to have more than 5,500 active investors which we believe might be a little exaggerated.  This website ranks 71,418 in Thailand and has a global rank of 592,408.

This firm specifically targets users from Thailand.

Is a Scam?

Of course yes,

Top performing investment banks who have billions of dollars in capital never achieves more than 25% ROI yearly but these con artist who operate anonymously claims to double your money within weeks.  

Easy money temptations are not easy to let go especially for newbie investors but remember at the end of the day they will make money for sure but that will be at your expense. Review Conclusion is a fake bitcoin investment solution which is pretty much guaranteed to run away with your money.  While cryptocurrency is still a hot trend, do not believe any telltale stories on the internet which claims to make you the next Bitcoin millionaire.  Do yourself a favor by turning down any get rich quick schemes you come across on the internet and focus on finding the right education if you truly want to succeed in trading.

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