Bitcoin Arbitrage ( Review

Bitcoin Arbitrage ( is an crypto investment solution which claims to make you a millionaire within few months of joining them.  They are said to generate returns of 3% per day with no risk associated and even offer compounding on the investments.

The returns claims are all fake and their whole platform are just a bunch of fabricated stories and misleading information bundled together.  When we took a thorough look at their service, the fact that they are a scam was very clear.

Read our unbiased review to find out why you should never buy any plans from this platform. - Scam Review

Company and Support Details

Companies which provide retail investors with investment opportunities have to be regulated in order to operate lawfully.  

Bitcoin Arbitrage represents an ICO which takes money from the public and use them as capital for trading digital assets, in return the investors are promised certain amount of money in the near future.  While we were checking if their operations are authorized, we couldn’t find any documents they must lawfully hold.

Since they are not licensed, we believe that they are operating outside the law or simply filling their pockets with the investors money.

This firm states that it is registered in Hong Kong and put up a company registration number but that does not make them legitimate.  

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Phone – +85281207801

Email –

They state that the support staff of this firm is available 24/7.

How does Bitcoin Arbitrage Work?

This firm is said to employ arbitrage principal for trading cryptocurrencies.  Their team supposedly consists of investment experts who have more than enough knowledge about the markets to generate consistent profits.  

In simple terms their strategy is to buy from one market wherein the price is lower and sell in another market where price is higher, this strategy may seem very simple but there are a lot of hurdles when it comes to incorporating them.  

First of all these opportunities are rarely seem in the present markets and the slightest of delay in execution speed can cause a lot of drawdown.  Since they have failed to provide any auditory records of being profitable following this strategy, we strongly advise all our readers to stay away from this firm.

Profits Promised

Trading Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies in general is a great way to earn money.  If you have the right strategy with the correct mindset the amount of money you can make is literally unlimited but that does not mean everyone who is indulged in trading will amass a fortune.

These crooks promise investors returns of up to 3% per day completely risk free.  The returns might seem small to many investors who are just starting their trading journey but remember if you do the calculations it adds to 90% return on investment on a monthly basis which is highly unlikely to be achieved by this fraudulent firm.  

If this platform really could generate these kind of returns why are they not showing any trading history of the accounts they are managing or simply provide a trial period so that the investors can be confident at any time?  It is because they are not trading in the first place.

Affiliate Program

The primary motive of investment scams like this platform is to maximize their revenue before they are forced to get shut down.  In order to reach more people and to convince them to join their platform, this firm offers an affiliate program wherein attractive incentives are paid to any individual who promotes their service. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates are paid a fraction of deposits made by every investor they bring in.  It is not mandatory for the affiliates to be an active investor in order to get their share of revenue.

Domain Popularity

According to this domain was registered on 12/03/2017 and it expires on 12/03/2024.

This website gets roughly over 200,000 visitors monthly.  This site ranks 25,929 in Italy and has a global rank of 91,628.  They use ad networking sites like for promoting their platform.

The majority of the traffic coming to this website are from Italy, Brazil, India, Iran and Vietnam.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum spend is $50 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $5.  The payment methods supported by this platform are Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Tether, Ethereum, Ripple, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.  

They state that there are no transaction fees applicable on deposits or withdrawals.  The withdrawals are said to be credited to the desired e-wallet or bank account within 24 hours.

Is a Scam?


This platform has nothing to do with different exchanges or buying and selling Bitcoin or any other altcoins.  They basically use the money gained from new investors to pay out the returns promised to the old clients and participants, in other words this firm is a ponzi type scam which is unsustainable and could disappear with the investors money any time.

Bitcoin Arbitrage Review Conclusion

Regardless of what kind of technology you possess or the trading approach one follows it is impossible to eliminate uncertainty in the markets.  Bitcoin Arbitrage claims to generate risk free returns through arbitrage trading which may sound perfect according to the traditional textbook methods but practically in recent times it is impossible to find opportunities like these frequently.  

These fraudsters are just doing their best to impress inexperienced investors by featuring all type of information and technical words but in reality it is not of significant importance.  Despite what they tell you, never trust them to handle your funds because without doubts you will lose it.

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