CashBery Review

CashBery ( is an innovative money lending program which claims to generate returns ranging from 400% to 600%.  The actual operators of this firm have maintained complete anonymity and there is no way to track them.

As you might have already noticed the return claims are all lies and pretty much all the information on this website is either fabricated telltale stories or outright lies.  When we took a closer look at this service, we found enough proof to say that they are nothing more than a scam.

Before you move further with this service, read our unbiased review which will reveal the true nature of this organisation which has already looted a lot of investors. - Scam Review

License and Support

CashBery represents an ICO which raises capital required for lending purpose from the retail investors and according to the initial capital committed by the investors and the duration of the contract provide fixed returns to them.  

When we were checking if they are legitimately carrying out these kind of operations, we couldn’t find any certificates confirming licenses they should hold in order to operate lawfully.  We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed thereby operating outside the law.

There are heaps of registration documents featured on this website but do not let them fool you into thinking they are legit.  They are unregulated and have no authorization to collect money from anyone.

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Phone – 88003028839

Email –

Address – 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, The Hubai, 30th floor, Office 32, UAE, Dubai.


This company takes pride in introducing their alleged employees but the only problem is when we were trying to trace their identities the facts proved otherwise.  There is no information about the persons mentioned on this website which means they are all fictitious entities with stock photos. - Stock Photo

Usually scams use this technique to earn credibility but this surely has misfired in this case.  Now think logically why are they lying about the people involved with this firm and creating fabricated stories unless some shady business is going on.

How does CashBery Work?

These faceless crooks state that they use the investors funds to lend money to small sized corporation and big entities for higher rate of interest which according to them is how the revenue is getting generated.  Here is the logic fail in their narration why would anyone take loan for a high amount of interest instead of choosing the one with low interest?

Seems like these con artist lacked creativity.  Regardless of which business you choose it is impossible to achieve these type of targets consistently.  They are just trying to convince you that you will get rich quick by investing your funds with them.

If they are really profitable then why are they not providing us with any proof?


This firm promises clients return ranging from 400% to 600% which is just crazy to say the least.  We agree that it feels nice to earn this kind of ROI without having to do anything but the only question you should ask yourself is – Is this really possible?  

The answer is unfortunately no.  The income claims are just used to bait you into their scheme, rest assured the only ones to make money is them, not you.

Affiliate Program

These criminals have realised the fact that the only way to maximize their revenue is by getting in front of a mass audience and convince them to join their platform.  They do this by offering an affiliate program wherein the individuals are heavily rewarded for bringing more people on board. - Partner Program

The affiliates get a fraction of deposits made by their referrals via commissions.  Also note that it is not mandatory for the affiliates to be an active investor to get their share of the revenue.

Domain Insight

According to this domain was registered on 19/10/2016 and it expires on 19/10/2026.

This website ranks 422 in Russia and has a global rank of 10,842 which makes this platform one of the most viral schemes we have ever seen.

The majority of the traffic coming to this site are from Russia, South Korea, Netherlands, Germany and Ukraine.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount is $10 and the minimum payout is $0.10.  The e-currencies accepted by this platform are Qiwi, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.  

There is no information about any transaction fees.  The time taken for processing withdrawals is not made clear on their website.

Is CashBery a Scam?

An Obvious one,

600% returns is something which is just out of the world.  While most hedge funds and investment banks have failed to achieve more than 20% ROI consistently do you really think these bunch of anonymous criminals will touch those kind of targets?  

This firm is just a scam on steroids and is clear a ponzi scheme meaning they start out by paying random clients so that they appear trustworthy.  Once they have lured maximum amount of people they possibly can, they will disappear from the face of the earth metaphorically.

CashBery Review Conclusion

CashBery is a fake investment platform wherein these fraudsters have gone above and beyond their limits to convince you otherwise.  They have convincing stories and narration but that does not change the fact that they are an illegal organisation whose revenue is dependant upon the number of people they are able to reach, convince and loot.  

If you go through their license documents they you can clearly spot all the mis-matches which is one of the main reason for debunking this rotten platform.  Despite what all they show or tell you do not trust them to handle your hard earned money because that is what they are after.

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Do you have first hand experience with CashBery?  Feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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