Invest2Rich Review

Invest2Rich ( is a company which supposedly doubles your money every day.  At the first glance of this service, we found many red flags and when we carried out a full investigation we found all the evidence and enough reasons to label them as a nasty ponzi scam.  

From beginners perspective they might seem trustworthy which apparently is the reason why many investors lost funds to them.  Go through our complete review to know how to spot all the misleading facts put up by these faceless criminals. - Scam Review

Company and Support Details

Invest2Rich is an ICO where they take money from a private group of investors for trading and investing purposes, in return the investors are entitled to certain amount of profits after the contract expires.  

The firm carrying out this these of activities have to be regulated by certain authorities depending upon where they are located.  While we were screening the documents provided by this firm on their website, we couldn’t find any certificates confirming licenses.  

We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed which means they are violating the law and have to face criminal prosecution if caught.

This firm features a registration document on their website but that does not mean you are dealing with a reputable firm and moreover they are not authorized.  Here are some of the contact details put up by them:

Email –

Address – 20 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1JY, United Kingdom.

How does Invest2Rich Work?

This firm claims to actively trade stocks, forex, bonds and gold.  They are said to be employing some investment experts who allegedly have a track record of being consistently profitable.  Sadly they do not provide any information about what factors are considered by them before opening a trade and what type of analysis they mainly follow.  

There is no information about risk management methods they have in place in case a crash happens and they have failed to put up the any trading history of the accounts managed by the self proclaimed experts.  

To put things into perspective remember in short they are asking you to trust them with your money while not revealing any information which obviously you should never do.

Returns Promised

There are a dozen of investment plan put up by these bunch of scammers wherein for higher returns the investors are forced to increase their initial capital and on the flip side the time period of the contract decreases if you start with huge capital.  

The offers are simply elegant but don’t dream about financial freedom instead understand that they are using high return claims just as a bait to catch your attention.  Take a look at some of their popular plans:


Returns – 40%

Duration – 10 Days

Min. Deposit – $700


Returns – 60%

Duration – 5 Days

Min. Deposit – $850


Returns – 180%

Duration – 1 Day

Min. Deposit – $1,000


Returns – 250%

Duration – 1 Day

Min. Deposit – $1,500

Affiliate Program

Most of the fake investment companies gives extreme attention to marketing division and this one is no exception because that is how they earn money. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates promoting this scheme are paid 5% of the revenue they bring in through referring investors and are assisted with some marketing tools to make their work much easier.  Just like a typical ponzi scheme this platform does not require the affiliates to be an active investors in order to get paid.

Domain Insight

A search on will reveal that this website ranks 42,661 in Iran and has a global rank of 679,951.  The majority of the users landing on this site are from Iran, India, Taiwan and Russia.

According to this domain was registered on 20/01/2016 and it expires on 20/01/2020.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum spend is $10 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.10 but that depends upon your withdrawal method.  The payment methods accepted by this platform are Bitcoin, Ok Pay, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Swift, Visa, MasterCard and Western Union.  

The withdrawals are associated with a transaction fees of 0.001 BTC.  The time taken for processing withdrawals is not mentioned by them.

Is Scam or Legit?

This firm is a scam for sure,

They do not have license.  They lack transparency and have no regards to the safety of the funds.  There is no demo account offered by them which means unless you put your money at risk you won’t be able to test their platform.  

The evidence screams that, this scheme is ponzi and obviously unsustainable.  At the end of the transaction if anyone is guaranteed to lose money, it is the investors who believed their lies.

Invest2Rich Review Conclusion

Invest2Rich is not a legitimate investment solution and there are no trading professionals behind this company.  Their platform looks very cheap and does not deserve your interest at all. While most of the talented fund managers and traders cannot achieve more than 20% ROI yearly, these scammers definitely does not stand a chance of making 350% returns on a daily basis.  

If you are looking for a quick way to make money in the markets, remember it is not sustainable.  Take a systematic approach to trading failing which your account will be wiped out within just a couple of weeks at the most.

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