Review is a investment company which specifically trades forex and stocks. Any details of the owners or the alleged investment professionals are unknown which is a big concern from investors perspective. This company claims to generate returns of 110% within 5 days guaranteed.

The factors we found on this platform during our investigation along with the fake return claims are the major reasons for debunking this platform. Read our complete review which will not only help you to save money but also prevent you from heaps of disappointment. - Scam Review

Company and Contact details represents an ICO, in basic terms this firm rises funds required for trading and allied activities from the general public. In return the investors are entitled to some amount of profits along with their initial deposit after the agreement expires.

When we were trying to figure out whether this firm had all the proper license, we couldn’t find any legal document they must hold. We have confirmed through FCA, this firm has never been licensed and are operating illegally.
This platform features registration document of some kind but do not be deceived by that. These scammers are just trying to trick you into thinking they are legit and the facts clearly proves otherwise. Here are the contact details they have provided on their website;

Address – 23 Sandringham Road, Leyton, London, Kingdom EI0 6HJ.

Email –

How does work?

This firm claims to be around for more than 4 years and is said to have around 300 employees but we have our doubts. After going through their website we still do not have any idea about how this company has positioned their trading strategy.

They have not revealed which indicators or factors affect their trading decision and just like other fake investments they do not feature a verifiable trading history. There is no information about risk profiling and money management methods which are absolutely essential for being profitable in the markets.

Looking at the lack of clarity seems like these scammers do not have any idea about trading.

Profits Promised

Forex and stock markets provide on ocean of opportunities for traders but making consistent profits has its own set of prerequisites. These crooks have advertised returns of 110% after just 5 days which is very unrealistic to say the least.

In todays world there is no such thing as free luck, whenever a stranger you meet over the internet is offering to make you a millionaire get in sync with reality and turn down the offer because the chances are you will lose your money. Take a look at the packages this firm has come up with

Plan 1

Returns – 7% Daily

Period – 20 Days

Min Deposit – $ 25

Plan 2

Returns – 110%

Period – 5 Days

Min Deposit – $ 100

Affiliate Program

This company encourage their existing clients and individuals to refer people to their service. The affiliates promoting this fake scheme gets paid fat commissions and handsome incentives whenever they bring more investors on board. - Affiliate Program

It is not compulsory for the affiliates and promoters to have an active deposit i this scheme, which is why many blogs promote them. Remember they will all make money at your expense.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum spend is $ 25 and the minimum payout except for crypto wallets is $ 0.10. We are not aware if there are any fees associated with the transactions. They state that the withdrawals are processed instantly. The E-currencies accepted by this service are Perfect Money,Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash and Ethereum.


Thanks to the courtesy of We know that this website ranks 5,136 in Venezuela and has a global rank of 416,044. The majority of the traffic coming to this site are from Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Taiwan and Brazil.

A simple search on will reveal that this domain was registered on 20/07/2018 and it expires on 20/07/2019.

Is a scam ?

Of course yes,

Every factor we found about this service screams at us to stay away from them. They lie about what they do with the funds, they are unregulated which means the chances of you getting back your initial deposit is next to zero.

Moreover they do not provide the users with a demo account to prove that their strategy works in real time. If you trust them for any reason then you are guaranteed to get disappointed. Review Conclusion is a fraud operation designed to loot the clients. They do not have the courtesy to provide basic telephone assistance to the clients. The logic fail on their platform is the fact that they claim to be situated in Europe but they have put in UK address.

Looking at the way their business is structured without a shadow of doubt. We can say that we are dealing with a ponzi scheme which are a plague in the online investment sector. Be matured enough to walk away from this platform because the offers they provide might be enticing but they are unreal.

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