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Forex Trading 4u is an online investment opportunity which claims to earn its users stable returns of up to 3% per day. This platform by far is the most deceptive one we have ever seen, their way of presentation is so good that thousands of investors have unknowingly fallen for this fake investment firm.

There is no details about any person associated with this firm and the actual location of this firm is also not revealed. By the time we finished our investigation about this service, we were convinced that it is a ponzi scam.

Before you lose your funds to these scammers, go through our impartial review to find out everything about them. - Scam Review

Company and Contact Details

Any firm which is indulged in providing investment advice and other risk associated services are required to comply with regulatory standards. In laymen terms Forex Trading 4u is an ICO which uses the funds raised from investors for trading and in return the investors are promised some profits in addition to the initial deposit.

When we did a thorough background check on this company, we couldn’t find any documents or certificates they must hold. We have confirmed through FCA this firm was never licensed by them which means they are just a bunch of criminals who are filling their pockets with the investors money.

Since this firm also adores anonymity, they also have not featured any details regarding the paperwork. The contact details provided by them are an address and an email to reach the support staff

Address – 25 Fellows Road, London, NW3 3LY, United Kingdom

Email –

How does Forex Trading 4u work ?

There isn’t any straight answer to this question. These so called trading professional state that they employ swing trading strategies along with arbitraging and hedging strategy to gain profit regardless of the market condition.

Unless you are very new to the trading world, this narration will not wow anyone. There is a ton of information provided about trading in general on their platform which is done only to overwhelm the new participants of the markets and trick them into believing that they are dealing with a legitimate solution while the reality is pointing otherwise.

Despite the starting capital or the strategy one might choose it is impossible to always on, in the markets. Do not think trading is just too difficult but without proper tools and education your account will get drained with days and hours in some cases.

Investment Plans

There are mainly 4 investment plans in which the investors are always pushed towards increasing their trading capital which is something you should always avoid. 3% per day might not seen like a big number at first but if you do the math it adds to a 90% ROI monthly, these kind of returns are unattainable for even the hedge funds and pension funds.

Do you think these scammers will achieve them ? Here are the details of the packages:-

Special Pack

Returns – 110%

Period – 3 days

Min Deposit – $ 10

Plan 1

Returns – 2% Daily

Period – 90 days

Min Deposit – $ 10

Plan 2

Returns – 2.5% Daily

Period – 90 days

Min Deposit – $ 101

Plan 3

Returns – 3 % Daily

Period – 90 days

Min Deposit – $ 1,001

Affiliate Program

Every fake platform are after one thing which is money and they will do whatever it takes to convince you into depositing with them. This company hosts an affiliate program where in they provide the online marketers who promote their platform with high incentives and commissions. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates gets a flat 5% of the total revenue they bring on board and are even provided with promotional tools to make their work easier and faster. It is not mandatory for the promoters to have an active deposit in this scheme.


From the information we gathered from we know that this domain was registered on 16/07.2018 and it expires exactly after one year. All the registrant details are masked.

According to this website ranks 7,939 in Vietnam and has a global rank of 550,204. The region where this service has gained a lot of popularity are Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh, India and Uganda.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum spend is $ 10 and the payout threshold is $ 1. Payment methods supported by this firm are Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer and adv cash.

There isn’t any information about the fees imposed on transactions. The time required by their end to process withdrawals is unknown.

Is Forex Trading 4u a Scam ?

Most definitely,

These crooks have refused to share any details about the company and they operate in the most deceptive way. They are certainly not bothered about their reputation. In addition to all topics discussed above they do not even feature a demo account which means you have to shell out your hard earned money to test the accuracy of their trading system.

Know one thing for sure how much ever funds you send them, the chances of seeing your money back is next to zero. So, ask yourself is it worth all the efforts and risks ?

Forex Trading 4u Review Conclusion

Forex Trading 4u is a ponzi scheme in disguise. These criminals have managed to fool a lot of people and already are refusing to payout withdrawals of many clients which honestly we had anticipated.

Markets provide traders with ample amount of opportunities but do not waste them by joining fake schemes like this one and lose hope instead educate yourself with the basics, be realistic and once you are confident then only start trading.

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