Tycap.io Review

Tycap.io - Scam Review

Tycap.io is a investment company which specifically trades forex and stocks. Any details of the owners or the alleged investment professionals are unknown which is a big concern from investors perspective. This company claims to generate returns of 110% within 5 days guaranteed.

Before these faceless crooks convince you into giving your credit card details to them. Read our comprehensive review to find out why you should not entertain them for any reason whatsoever.

Tycap.io Scam Warning

In simple terms this platform is an ICO which means they raise money from a group of retail clients for trading and in return the investors are promised certain amount of returns along with their initial deposit.

Companies which provide these type of investment opportunities have to comply with the laws laid down by regulatory authorities. When we were trying to determine the legitimacy of this organisation. We could not verify their documents, we have confirmed through FCA, this firm is not overseen by them which means criminal prosecution awaits for the people running this firm.

This website has put up a registration document and incorporation details however that does not make them a reliable solution but instead it is an attempt to appear trustworthy.  

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Address – 50 Brown St, Manchester, United Kingdom, M2 2JT

Email – support@tycap.io

They state that the key to the success of their company is a professional team that has been developing investment projects for a long time and does not stop improving it.  The team supposedly comprises of highly qualified traders who know the structure of the exchange market and are able to manage the clients capital as efficiently as possible.  

Their narration does not provide enough information necessary to entrust them with our money.  We have no clue about what trading system they follow or what parameters are considered by them before executing a trade.

Trusting this firm to handle your money is just like playing fancy casino game, you might win a few and lose a few but you have no edge whatsoever which means you are guaranteed to lose on the long run.

Just like many fraudulent platform, the primary motive of these scam artists is to make maximum amount of money before they get shut down and run away at your expense.  To grow their investors base they offer huge rewards to anyone who refers people on to their service.

Tycap.io - Affiliate Program

The affiliates are paid a percentage of deposits made by their clients.  Note that it is not mandatory for the affiliate to be an active investor in order to get their share of the revenue.

Profits Offered

Tycap.io claims to generate returns ranging from 1% to 5% per day which brings the grand total of monthly returns to 150%.  For a rookie trader this might seem like a holy grail but do not have high hopes about them.

Profits like they portray are unsustainable and are their way of luring people in to their platform just to rob them in the end.  Whenever opportunities which presents you with seemingly easy money pops up make sure that you avoid them at any cost unless they are regulated and fully licensed.

Domain Insight

As expected the registrant details are untraceable but here are the detailed list of important factors of this website we gathered using whois.com and alexa.com.

Domain – Tycap.io

Registered On – 10/08/2018

Expires On – 10/08/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 170,296

Rank in Russia – 34,621

They have used ad networking sites for promoting their service.  The countries these fraudsters have gotten noticeable traction are Russia, Iran, India, Venezuela and Brazil.

Tycap.io Review Conclusion

Tycap.io is another failed ponzi scheme which is fooling people all around the world. They might appear somewhat legitimate to the innocent traders and investors but rest assured they are nothing but a deceptive swindle which will run away sooner or later with your money.  Before interacting with them know that markets are complex and require systematic approach without which you are guaranteed to lose your money.

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