HourlyRich.ca Review

HourlyRich.ca claims to be a revolutionary investment fund which supposedly generate enormous amount of returns but do not get carried away by all those fancy statements.  They promise returns of up to 6000% per hour.

If you have ever traded before in your life then you already know that their claims are absolutely false. Beginner traders and investors are often drawn towards miraculous profit like these but before they convince you to invest with them go through our review once which will expose all of their dirty secrets.

Hourlyrich.ca - Scam Review

Company and Contact Details

All the firms which presents the retail investors with investment packages which inherits a degree of risk have to be authorized and there are no exceptions to this rule except for a few regions wherein the law is not as strict as the rest of the developed countries.  HourlyRich.ca represents an ICO wherein the main focus is on trading stocks and other asset class.

The money required to carry the activities of the firm is raised from the investors and in return they are entitled to some profits depending upon the investment plan chosen by them and their initial trading capital.  We checked with the FCA but could not find any details about them which means they are operating illegally.

Though this platform portray to be a registered entity there clearly aren’t.  They are giving a wrong impression only to gain the trust of the people so that they can earn more.  Here are the contact details put up by them but let us warn you support team is not at all responsive.

Address – 22 Notting Hill Gate, London, United Kingdom, W11 3JE

Email – admin@hourlyrich.ca

How does HourlyRich.ca Work?

This platform claims to be involved in trading various financial markets but they lack proper narration.  We as investors are not briefed upon the strategy they follow, the kind of profits they are aiming for and the maximum drawdown they have encountered till date.  

Without those topics how can we possibly trust any firm? Moreover they have not featured the details of the fund managers or any of their employees.

There is no performance report showing the trades taken by them in the past.  In short there isn’t anything which acts as a confidence boosting factor.

Plans and Returns

Looking at the plans featured on this platform we could all be millionaires or even billionaires within few days but that is just a fantasy.  The users can choose from a list of investment plans but do remember the fact that they are trying to make you spend more by promising you huge profits while in reality you will never see your money back.  

Below we have listed the plans showcased on their platform but ask yourself is it even possible to reach those type of targets?

Plan 1

Returns – 100% Hourly

Duration – 10 Hours

Plan 2

Returns – 600% Hourly

Duration – 5 Hours

Plan 3

Returns – 3000% Hourly

Duration – 1 Hour


Returns – 6000% Hourly

Duration – 1 Hour

Referral Program

The only way for these kind of platforms to stay in business for long is by focusing on their marketing side because traffic is their key to profits.  If more people join their scheme they will end up making more revenue. To enable marketing in an efficient manner which is light on their wallets these crooks have featured a referral program.  

Hourlyrich.ca - Referral Program

Basically any individual who has a platform which gets traffic can choose to promote them and get paid for their efforts. A percentage of deposits made by all the referrals collectively will be credited to the affiliate’s account.  Affiliates are not compulsorily required to hold an active account which means they are not exposed to any risk.

Domain Popularity

According to whois.com this domain was registered on 04/08/2018 and it expires on 04/08/2019.  The registrant contact details are not available for some reason.

This website currently ranks 24,244 in Pakistan and has a global rank of 1,984,032 according to alexa.com.  They seem to be targeting users from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Indonesia.

Is HourlyRich.ca a Scam?

A big yes,

First of all this platform lacks transparency and has nothing which instills confidence among the investors.  They are operating without any proper licenses and are bound to get shut down in the near future.

Assuming that they had found some sort of secret miracle to building wealth why are they still refusing to feature a demo account so that the users can see the actual results of the software in real time?

HourlyRich.ca Review Conclusion

HourlyRich.ca is a swindle which will run away with your funds.  Their returns are unsustainable and once they are unable to find new victims for their scheme they will get shut down.  Instead of trusting these kind of fake platform always make sure that you have the basic fundamental knowledge of the markets before starting out.

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Have you been scammed by HourlyRich.ca?  Share your feedback by leaving a comment below.

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