Review is a trading solution which is said to earn you steady profits effortlessly.  Their platform is not so flashy and filled with outrageous claims like the typical scam has but still we assure you that they are.  

They have been active for less than 3 months as of October 2018 and has somehow managed to convince a lot of investors into depositing with them and left them without a clue.  Go through our detailed review which will make you understand what kind of fraudsters you are dealing with. Scam Review

Creator, Company and Support

Transparency is what every business try to maintain as it is the only thing which will make them have better public relationship.  There are no details of the team members who are in charge of running this firm.

We tried to find any details about the creators but though we searched every nook and corner of the internet we could not find any relevant information which makes us believe that they are all fake.  There are no images of their employees either which they have purposefully not put up because they know that it will help the investors track them down and obviously they do not want to get caught. is an ICO their business model is simple, they raise money from investors and promise them some returns.  The money raised will apparently used for trading cryptocurrency and forex. We ran some queries through the database of FCA to find out if they are truly regulated and as it turns out they aren’t which makes them literally criminals.

This company states that it is a registered firm and it is but that does not make them reliable or flawless.  Registration certificate from the UK are easy to get and often used by scammers to seem like a legit organisation in front of the potential clients.

How does Work?

The narration they have come up with is a very inconclusive one which gives no statistical data whatsoever.  They state that we can earn money by depositing with them and leveraging their experience. Unless you are a complete newbie this will feel sketchy to you.  

Trading stock, forex or any other asset can be extremely profitable but only if you have the necessary knowledge and practical skills.  They have failed to talk anything about the strategy they are using and they type of methods they follow with respect to money management and risk diversification.  

Also the information about how the funds are allocated between these two markets is not briefed.  In face as investors there isn’t any information which will give your confidence a boost. Going through their half baked narration we do not think they are involved in trading at all.

Returns and Plans

You will certainly feel excited after seeing their plans but before you get sold on to the idea of making millions without doing anything come back to your sense and understand that it is not going to happen.  See these investment plans, does any of these hypothesis seem anywhere close to reality to you?

Plan 1

Returns – 10% Daily

Duration – 14 Days

Min. Deposit – 0.001 BTC

Plan 2

Returns – 11% Daily

Duration – 14 Days

Min. Deposit – 10.001 BTC

Plan 3

Returns – 12% Daily

Duration – 14 Days

Min. Deposit – 20.001 BTC

Plan 4

Returns – 13% Daily

Duration – 14 Days

Min. Deposit – 50.001 BTC

Affiliate Program

All ponzi schemes life line is the number of participants they are able to convince to join their firm.  In order to do their errands these scammers offer an affiliate program wherein the contract terms are beneficial to them and their promoters. Affiliate Program

The affiliates gets a revenue share and the percentage of commission ranges from 4% to 6%.  There are no conditions laid on the promoters and all they have to do is send traffic to them and get paid for it.  It is not mandatory for them to hold their money in this scheme.

Domain Insight

Here is a detailed list of information we gathered about this website with the help of and

Domain –

Registered On – 28/04/2018

Expires On – 28/04/2019

Global Rank – 48,105

Alexa Traffic Rank Iran – 2,035

This website has gained a lot of traction in these countries: Russia, Iran, United States, Brazil and India.

Is a Scam?


This is the epitome of fraud.  They showcase every trait of a scam. Such as operating under fake names and coming up with telltale stories.  We already exposed the fake team members story but if you find any positive testimonials about them then know that they are also guaranteed to be fake.  

Now question yourself why would someone put so many fake narratives unless they want you to get distracted? Review Conclusion is a preposterous ponzi scheme which will gobble up your funds and spit disappointment if you were unfortunate enough to send them your money.  Easy money is always something you might get attracted to but remember the odds are always stacked up against you which means you should always run away from those flattery offers.  

Everything related to trading has a learning curve but do not try to cut it.

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